The Ascot Cap: What is it and How to Wear One

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The ascot cap is a very unique flat hat- with distinct differences from the ivy and driver caps you see every day. But after understanding what it is and how to wear it correctly, you'll have yet another extremely stylish and unique hat to add to your wardrobe.

What is an Ascot Cap?

The ascot cap is a flat cap made from a single panel of wool felt that is molded around a round form. The ascot hat has a very rounded look due to both the shape and the fact that there are no seams in the crown. Most ascots simply have one single color, usually earthen or muted in tone. It can be made from other materials including leather and cotton or wool fabrics in an array of patterns.

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Differences Between an Ascot Cap and Flat Caps

First of all, the ascot cap material is harder than other low profile flat caps. It is usually made of a single panel of wool felt, while the Newsboy and Gatsby hats are made from 8 panels stitched together, and ivy and driver hats are made from three sewn-together panels. The ascot is a little less conventional, traditional and perhaps tired than most of the other flat hats you see today. See this ascot by Stacy Adams.


Ascot Cap
The Ascot cap looks best when worn with a sweater or collared shirt.


It also has a rounded shape that does not change, since the felt material is "hard", it stays in place. This gives it a cleaner, more distinguished style similar to other designer hats like the bowler or derby cap. It's therefore more suited for fancier clothing, suits and sweaters. All of these differences tend to make it a more unique accent that produces a more defined style.

How to Wear the Ascot Cap

The ascot hat should be worn with a stylish sweater vest and collared shirt, a suit or other upscale clothing. A nice suit vest and shirt combination with dress pants always looks great with your ascot hat.


This "Guinness" ascot style hat adds an authentic accent to your best outfits.


Since the hat has a Western European feel, it complements tweed vests and suits, and other upscale clothes. You can pair it with a jeans and designer shirt outfit, and it does go well with a leather jacket or other stylish overcoats.

Wear this cap with any ensemble that could use a little authenticity-but not too much. Steer yourself away from wearing this with highly traditional clothing, unless the idea is to look truly authentic. You will run the risk of over-selling this angle and end up looking like a piece of history yourself!

Types of Ascot Caps

Some of the most popular types of Ascot hats are made of traditional wool felt. However, some of the more unique and authentic looks make use of more modern fabrics. The corduroy ascot cap (called the Guinness) is one of the nicest, new styles around.

  • Wool felt ascots
  • Corduroy ascot
  • Tweed
  • Herringbone
  • Plaid
ascot cap
With its rounded shape, you'll look incredible wearing one of these stylish hats.


Where Can I Buy an Ascot Cap?

You can buy ascot hats online from hat retailers. We offer a big selection of flat caps and ascot-style caps for sale at a discount. All of these are made with the best materials by the world's best milliners and hat brands to last forever and look more stylish.

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