Newsboy Caps

USE CODE: FLAT50 - *Buy one Flat Cap get the second Flat Cap 50% Off offer only valid on Walrus Brand Flat Caps. Discount Applies to any hat equal or lesser in value. Newsboy caps, also called paperboy and newsies hats, are a very stylish type of flat cap, with some distinct differences, such as a fuller, larger crown made from eight panels (instead of three) and a button fastened on top. Along with being called paperboy hats, they are often referred to as eight-panels, pageboy caps, big apple caps, and Gatsby caps. The newsboy cap first became popular in North America and Europe during the late 19th and early 20th centuries and soon became popular among boys and men in the middle class.


Offering a playful and youthful element to your look, newsie hats are the preferred choice for many individuals. Our newsboy caps for sale are perfect for men and women looking to expand their hat selection with classic styles. Often, this style of hat is associated with certain fictional characters or films—such as the main character in The Great Gatsby—where the hats signified the working class of the early 19th century. However, it was later adopted by all, and you can find various newsboy caps for sale at any headwear store. Try a newsie hat out for yourself by purchasing a high-quality cap from our online selection.


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