Top 5 Crushable Hats for Travel 2020

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With fall in full swing and the holidays fast approaching, many will soon be making long journeys to celebrate these special days with loved ones. Here at Fashionable Hats, we understand that the true fashionista should never be stifled by the often cramped conditions of traveling. Many hat lovers may be wondering how they will keep their favorite accessories looking priceless and pristine throughout their travels, not just during the holiday season, but also year-round. Our collection of foldable and crushable hats is the perfect solution. We are proud to boast a wide offering of crushable hats intended specifically for safe and easy storage. These popular crushable styles are sure to keep trendsetters strutting their stuff from the airport runway all the way to the final destination.

Top 5 Crushable Hats for Travel 2020

The Stetson Cromwell

Anyone looking to bring their dapper and demure style with them to their destination will love the Stetson Cromwell. This classic fedora style hat is available in bold black, mischievous mink, and opulent olive. The Stetson Cromwell's crushable wool felt construction makes it a perfect choice for traveling as it can be easily stored in a bag or suitcase without worry. The pinched crown and modest 2.75" brim make this timeless style a tasteful choice for family gatherings and getaways.

The Journey by Walrus

It's always important to dress to impress, but this becomes especially true on an exciting trip or getaway. Appropriately named, the Journey by Walrus is the perfect accessory to keep travelers in vogue. This fedora's unique construction allows it to be crushed, folded, and packed away with ease. It is available in an assortment of colors that will complement any ensemble. The Journey is specifically designed to be folded in half and then held in place with its unique hatband which doubles as a secure locking mechanism to keep the folded halves neat and compact. The assortment of colors available for this hat makes it perfect for mixing and matching on-the-go.

The Wallace by Walrus

This classic fedora by Walrus is a must-have accessory for any adventurer. The style of the Wallace is imbued with wild charm and the exhilaration of the open road. Its crushable wool construction gives it a convenient edge as it will retain its pristine look even after being folded and stowed away in a travel bag or suitcase. The moderate 3" brim lends the item some extra versatility and makes it a suitable accessory for both masculine and feminine looks. Available in stark black and cool grey tones, this free-spirited fedora will keep roaming travelers looking savvy and chic.

The Sundial by Walrus

The Sundial by Walrus is flirty, fun, and festive. This delicate feminine style instantly adds a touch of sophistication and grace to any outfit, making it a fantastic option for sprucing up comfortable travel attire. The wide floppy brim measures in at 4" and is made of 100% genuine Australian wool felt. This crushable material folds neatly and can be easily clipped together with the fashionable Walrus hat band to keep it snug and secure through the duration of any voyage.

The Stetson Cruiser

The Stetson Cruiser is the perfect accessory when the time comes to ride in style. This striking fedora is an excellent wardrobe addition for the trendsetter in transit. Its medium 2.75" brim provides ample coverage while making a bold statement. The wool felt material makes this item easy to fold, roll up, and deposit in any bag or carrying case. This stunning hat is available in black, camel, or mink, and will infuse any look with a subtle rustic charm.

Experience the unmatched style and portability of our crushable hats today!

Any item in our stunning collection of foldable hats and crushable hats will truly make for the perfect traveling companion during the holiday season or any other time of the year. Easy storage and next-level style have come together in these items to create the ultimate accessory for any excursion. No matter the occasion or the destination, these handsome hats will surely be the highlight of the trip!


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