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Fun in the Sun

What would the beach be without at least one energetic game? From tossing a beach ball among friends to a spirited game of volleyball or frisbee, hours in the sun can tick by quickly without notice of the potential damage caused by the sun. Browse our fashionable beach hats online that will protect you from the sun!

Shielding eyes from direct sunlight, which improves play right along with vision, a hat such as DPC's twill dyed newsboy cap in khaki or a shade of navy that closely resembles denim is a great men's hat. Likewise, Capelli's natural paper braid sparkle hat is a choice women's hat for beach sports, protecting eyes and face at once. The fact that these hats also happen to be strikingly stylish adds to their appeal.


After the Swim

Nothing compares to the restorative powers of a swim on a hot summer day. Cool and invigorating, it is one of the pure pleasures of summer. However, after the swim, retrieving that chic look, rather than a disheveled one, can be a daunting task. That's where our fashionable straw beach hats online come to the rescue. With absolute aplomb, these hats obscure wet hair while adding laid-back, unfettered style.

Scala's natural crocheted wide-brim hat and navy ribbon bucket hat are stellar choices for women, paired with swimwear or beach apparel. Meanwhile, men are sure to look sleek and dapper in a natural straw or toyo straw hat such as Santana's Joy design with its tie-print accent. It's casual wear with definite flair.


Strolling the Boardwalk

Sometimes a stroll along the boardwalk is the perfect way to while away beach time. Of course, this calls for beach attire with a bit more panache than mere swimwear. In this instance, the right hat can make all the difference. Indeed, a hat that sports an equal measure of elan whether worn by men or women, much like Stetson's Garment-Washed Twill Safari Hat or straw gambler hat, makes all the fashion statement needed. With sun protection offered by a wide brim and cooling breezes wafting through a mesh crown or entirely open-weave design, these types of hats look sensational on the beach and beyond.


Relaxation on the Sand

Not to be overlooked are those times when lounging on the beach is the order of the day. Reclining on a beach chair beside the shore, a large hat that serves as a personal umbrella, so to speak, is an ideal beach accessory for a woman while one that epitomizes easy-going style serves a man quite well. Consider the expansive dimensions of a hat such as The Sunny, a Stetson palm straw wide-brim hat, a stunning look with a swimsuit or any other summer look later.

Similarly, a style like the Madrigal, Stetson's coconut straw porkpie hat, a decidedly relaxed look, with a plaid hatband accenting the crown, says everything about the utter self-possession of the man who wears it.

For a day at the beach, a hat does double duty as a protector and a fabulous fashion element.


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