How to Determine Which Hat Is the Best Gift Idea for a Man for Christmas

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When it comes to holiday shopping, hats top the list of best gift ideas for guys. They are unique yet practical- and a lot more fun to receive than a pair of socks. But unlike socks, there are several important factors to consider before purchasing a hat. Choosing the right style will ensure the recipient gets the most satisfaction from your gift.

Consider His Occupation and Lifestyle

Are you buying a hat for a business professional or a college student? While hats were once purchased mainly for warmth, today their fashion significance is equally important. You don't want to choose a hat that can only be worn on special occasions. Make sure the item you select blends well with typical work attire. For instance, while an accountant might wear a fedora, you probably won't spot a construction worker sporting this formal fashion accessory.


Some hat gifts may be specifically for weekend wear. The activities and hobbies of the individual are often a good indicator of which style is best. Men who enjoy concerts and art museums may have a different fashion sense than guys who spend their free time outdoors. The best men's hat gift is one that complements both appearance and lifestyle.

Look at His Facial Shape

Just because a hat is attractive, it doesn't mean it will look good on every man who wears it. Many people purchase a hat style based on the shape of their face. When buying for a male acquaintance, you'll need to consider his overall facial shape and features. Does he have wide cheekbones, a round chin, or a prominent jawline? These specific attributes can all affect and alter the way a hat looks.

For men with a square-shaped face, choose a hat style that will help soften their features. Flat caps and other styles that make the face appear curvier are a good choice for a stocking stuffer. When buying hats as Christmas gifts for men, the trick is to avoid accenting facial imperfections.

Smiling man

Men with an oblong face look attractive in a wide-brimmed hat or one that conceals the forehead. This helps draw attention away from the length of the face so that features appear more symmetrical. Fedoras, homburgs, and derbies are all excellent hat gift ideas for guys with an oblong face.

If the man on your list has a round-shaped face, you'll have numerous possibilities when it comes to men's hat gifts. While most designs look appealing, styles with a slanted brim or medium crown are very popular. One pitfall to avoid is a hat with a thick band that will make the face look fuller. Instead, choose a narrow band in a contrasting color for best results.

Think About His Location

Fashion trends often vary depending on where you live. While traditional hats never go out of style, their popularity may differ among regions. This difference can be related to the local economy or climate.

New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles are three fashion-savvy areas. People in these cities tend to spend more on clothing, making formal and upscale hats very common. For men who live in these cities, a fedora with a decorative band or feather is a nice Christmas gift.

Blazer and fedoraHat

Throughout Texas and in many rural areas, a cowboy hat is the preferred choice. These hats were originally chosen solely for the protection they provide from the sun and wind. While there are fewer cowboys and farmers today, these hats remain a favorite wardrobe staple. If you are searching for unique gift ideas, a pair of Western boots and a cowboy hat make a nice combination.

While trappers are one of the best men's gift ideas for Northeast winters, this style may be too warm for Southern wear. Guys who reside in warmer climates will get more use out of Western or outback styles. Before spending money on a hat, consider how often it can actually be worn.

Don't Forget the Specifics

Lastly, you need to know what size hat to purchase. By doing so, you can save your loved one or friend the hassle of a return. If the hat is for a friend, try asking their spouse or family member which size is correct. Stick with trusted brands like Stetson to make sure the hat fits as expected.

Shopping for men's Christmas gifts doesn't have to be that difficult. Hats are an appropriate holiday present for guys of all ages. Whether you're shopping for your husband or several male friends, a quality hat outlasts most other gift options.

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