Travel Hat Trends

, by Alex Torres, 2 min reading time

The perfect travel hat is the discussion today, with summer right around the corner. What makes a good vacation hat? What's the best travel hat? These are all excellent questions and ones we'll answer here.

What Not to Wear

First, let's tackle what travel hat to not wear. A baseball hat will certainly mark you as an American, especially in Europe.

If you want to blend in, many Europeans will wear a subtle baseball hat with no logo. The one logo you will commonly see, however, worn by lots of trendy youth, are New York Yankee hats. That's good or bad, depending on your personal fan preference.


A fedora is the preferred travel hat. If heading to Europe you'll blend right in and look like a local. As long as you don't reveal your accent by speaking, no one will know the difference and those pickpockets will leave you alone.

From the city streets of France to the Museums in Britain, you'll be comfortable with a fedora, have shade from the sun, and look fabulous while doing it.

It's the one hat that can venture through the entire world and look good anywhere, from the beach to the shore, a fedora is the travel hat you should reach for.




If you're feeling a little jet-setter, fedoras also come in a packable and crushable variety. So when you mistakenly cram that favorite hat of yours into your carry-on, this type will survive the entire trip. Just give it a good shake at your destination and you're back in action. What good is a travel hat if you can't jam it in your luggage?




For warmer weather, the a straw fedora is right travel hat. Though it's not as luggage friendly, because straw can't handle being crushed very well. One option is to purchase the hat when you get to your destination, then you'll have a lovely souvenir as well.




If rugged adventure is more your speed, but still need to look fashionable, a safari hat makes a practical choice. Backpacking through the Andes Mountains or hiking through the Grand Canyon are effortless with the right safari hat. And though a safari hat looks bizarre anywhere else, out in the open terrain it's a welcome sight.

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