Crushable Fedoras

Crushable Fedoras

When hat makers created the crushable fedora by making wool felt that had memory, they changed how hats could be worn forever. It is perhaps one of the best innovations made in hat design over the past century. Nothing, asides from some very unique styles, have had such an impact on how and what you can do with your hat.

We stock a diverse selection of crushable fedoras mens and womens styles, in wool felt and straw. We feature many styles and shapes from ultra casual to dress formal. Browse around to find one that matches your look. We carry pointed crowns with gutter dents, round center dent, and bowler styles. For summer, don't forget our versatile straw crushable fedoras"”these are excellent vacation hats.

We also source crushable fedoras from top brands like Stetson, Walrus, Dobbs, Stacy Adams and others.

Browse all of our crushable hats here. We also feature a selection of felt fedoras and straw fedoras today.

As always, you enjoy top-notch service to go with our large selection and low prices. Call us if you need assistance we are glad to help you pick the perfect hat. Whether you want a fedora that is formal or casual, we are the place to buy one.

What is a Crushable Fedora?

A crushable fedora is a hat that can be rolled up, compressed or crushed down and packed into a bag or case and it pops right back into shape. These hats can be crushed because they are made of special felt or straw that has a memory. After rolling or crushing the hat it springs back to its previous shape due to the memory in the fabric.

Hat manufacturers developed this memory-fabric in order to provide customers with a more versatile hat that could be worn anywhere and taken anywhere. The result is an extremely durable, versatile and packable fedora ideal for travelers, commuters and anyone who needs a hat to maintain its shape in adverse conditions.

How to Care for a Crushable Fedora Hat

Care for your crushable hat by simple routine hand-maintenance. After rolling the hat or flattening it to fit inside a bag or suitcase, you simply need to pop it back into shape by hand. After most crushing this is all the hat will need. However, sometimes the hat will require some additional care if wrinkles begin to appear. Gently steaming the hat will remove any smaller creases. This is something to do with care, and only takes a few minutes to get your hat looking brand new again.


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