Crushable Hats

One of the best features of crushable hats is their ability to be crushed down, rolled or compacted to smaller size without becoming overly wrinkled or losing shape. They can fit inside a suitcase, bag or even a small carry-on which is ideal if you don't want to pay a checked bag fee. All of these reasons are why crushable hats make the best travel hats.

We offer a complete line of crushable hats for men and women from top brands like Dobbs and Stetson. They come in all sorts of materials including wool felt, fabric and straw. In all sorts of styles ranging from dress to casual wear in both mens and womens designs. Find whatever you are looking for, a fedora for your suit, or a sun hat for the beach, or a crushable cowboy hat for your next adventure west!

Shop our crushable hat collection to keep your style fresh and vibrant, wherever life takes you. We have so many great choices. Take a moment to browse them all!

Stylish All Day with a Crushable Fedora Hat

We have a full line of unique and dapper crushable hats that can keep your style fresh and unique during all your activities even in the outdoors. Like the Jackson and Cruiser Crushable Wool Fedoras by Stetson. These casual hats are built for the outdoors featuring a handsome style and shape that can be formed and is easily maintained even through lots of outdoor use.

If you want to look fantastic and need a hat that stands up well to normal wear, we have high fashion crushable fedoras in both wool felt and straw. Perfect for everyday use or your next upscale event. These hats can stand up to more use without losing shape. The Journey by Walrus hats is an ideal choice for those who really want a classic, refined style.

Hit the Open Range with Our Crushable Cowboy Hats

Yes, we offer crushable cowboy hats. Whether you are riding across the range or just heading west for your next vacation. Through them in your saddle bag or carry-on and these western hats can still maintain their shape. The Bozeman and Sagebrush, both by Stetson, are excellent choices. We also feature crushable outback and safari hats, and if you are really the adventurous type, our authentic Indian Jones crushable fedora is for you!

How to Care for a Crushable Hat

How to Care for a Crushable Hat

Crushable hats are not totally care-free but they are easy to care for. One of the best features of a crushable hat is their ability to be crushed down or even rolled into a smaller size for travel and portability. Sometimes called "soft hats," crushable travel hats can even be manually shaped over time to your liking.

However, a crushable hat may not always bounce back to its original shape right away. It can require some maintenance to retain its look. These hats can also crease and when this happens flatten the hat and apply steam using a steam iron on a low setting to bring them back to their original shape. The process is quick and simple. It will help your hat last for years to come!

Look and Stay Cool, Travel in a Crushable Straw Hat

For active people who love to travel to sunny destinations you must take a look at our crushable straw hats, they are a must have. An essential packable hat for travel, it is more breathable than felt to keep you cooler, and it fits right in your carry-on luggage without completely losing shape. Ideal for any outdoor activity whether playing bocce ball or lounging poolside, they provide shade and are extremely lightweight and comfortable. Perfect choice when you travel to a tropical destination or the southern states. Our crushable straw hats are made with natural fiber and synthetic straw. Look at the Whippet Grade 8 Straw and our Panama fedoras--perhaps the perfect sun hat and travel or vacation hat.


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