Mens Straw Hats

The straw hat is perhaps the oldest and most popular hat ever made for men. It is because straw is such a suitable material for making hats. They literally have been crafted in every corner of the world using various plants and methods that grew wild in their region. That's why today you find mens straw hats woven from such a wide variety of plant fibers like toquilla, wheat straw or milan, toyo (made of paper), seagrass, and hemp braid.

We feature a range of excellent mens straw hats available here from around the world in all shapes, styles and colors from white to black and everything in between. For casual mens wear, like the highly versatile straw boater hat to classier, more modern styles like the straw fedora.

Different cultures have their own interpretation of the straw hat, each one has laid claim to their own version from the boater to the fedora. These hats come in conical shapes like the ones you find in Asia, others are flatter and more traditional like the popular straw fedora.

Though each culture and region has their own version, and indigenous people learned to craft them from straws naturally growing in their area, there are some particularly nice straw hats. One of them is now world famous, the Panama Hat. Made of toquilla straw which can be broken into extremely fine threads, the hat has a soft texture but a tight and complex weave that is woven watertight.

These hats have been woven for thousands of years and it is easy to see why. Functional, versatile, and easy to wear straw hats simply perform better and due to their textured weave, they look great!

Straw is perhaps the ideal material to make a hat light, breathable, durable and versatile. It can also be shaped and formed just like felt. Browse our selection of mens hats today and you are sure to find one that suits your modern lifestyle and upgrades your style.

Why Hats Are Made out of Straw

Straw is arguably the best material for making mens hats. It has a range of advantages over other materials. Not only is it plentiful and easily farmed, it's also fairly simple to weave. Not only is it durable but it is also malleable and can be pressed into shape by steam or water like other hat making materials. As a plant fiber it can be split into very fine threads that are highly shapeable when woven, yet extremely durable. Straw weaves also hold their shape much like felt.

Since straw is lightweight and breathable it is more comfortable to wear. So, it will keep you cooler in the summer while providing protection from the wind and rain in cooler months.

With all of these advantages to straw hats it is easy to see why they have been relied on for shade and protection for thousands of years. Today, people still rely on us to deliver the straw hat that will keep them cool, comfortable and stylish while enjoying their favorite activities.

When Should Men Wear a Straw Hat

Wear your straw hat whenever you are doing an activity outside, or you need something cool and stylish to complement your look. If you are outside in the garden a straw boater hat is the perfect choice. It provides exceptional protection for the sun and since it breathes you can stay cool even when temperatures soar.

For a day at the beach, or out sightseeing a straw fedora is an ideal choice. Stylish and modern, this hat is one of the most versatile around.

We have several styles available including wide brim hats, dual tone and Panama, from brands you recognize like Stetson and Dobbs. They are perfect when you need a hat for your next vacation, or for your outdoor events.


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