Styling Tips: Ways To Rock a Fedora Hat This Winter

It’s hard to believe the air is already getting nippier. While the dropping temperatures can make many of us feel blue, a new season means new opportunities to create attractive looks in the fashion world. And when you’re making a cold-weather look, you can’t go wrong with adding your favorite wide-brimmed friend, the fedora.

If you want to keep your head warm while looking incredible all season long, check out these ways to rock a fedora hat this winter.

Play With Color

Every season has its own colors, and winter color palettes are often underrated compared to the more vibrant seasonal palettes of spring, summer, and fall. But winter colors, though understated, are elegant and will look lovely on your winter fedora. A few hues to consider include:

  • Gray
  • Black
  • Muted blue or sapphire
  • Forest green
  • Dark red
  • Purple

Remember that your entire ensemble is part of your personal color pallet. Your fedora can directly match the outfit, like a black fedora with a black sweater. Or you can use the fedora to accent your outfit. For instance, you could wear a jewel tone fedora with a more neutral ensemble.

Choose Cold-Weather Fabrics

You can find a fedora in almost any fabric out there. But keep in mind that some fabrics like straw and cotton are typically better for warm weather. They may visually suit hot temperatures better and also won’t trap heat as much as cold-weather materials. If you’re looking for a more wintery look, opt for heavier fabrics like wool. Both your outfit and your cold head will thank you.

Look at Accessorizing

Wearing an accessory like a fedora is already a statement, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find little ways of making the fedora your own. For fedoras and other hats, the best way to do that is to look at the hatband.

Most fedoras come with a hatband of some type, and its style can set a fedora apart. You can look for hatbands by thickness and color, choosing one that directly matches the hat or contrasts it. You can also look for accessories to add to the band, such as a feather.

Dress It Up or Down

One of the fantastic things about this hat style is that there are many ways you can rock a winter fedora in different settings. You can add a fedora to an outfit you wear on a casual night out with your friends. Or you can put it on with a suit and tie for more formal occasions to create an elegant vintage aesthetic.

With the various fedora looks out there, we can all have something to look forward to as the weather gets cold. And if you’re looking for some hat inspiration, a quick perusal of our fedora hats for sale will help you pick a winter look you’ll love.