Sustainable Hats - Celebrate Earth Day

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Get your sustainable hats, in time for Earth Day, April 22. To celebrate saving our planet, we've compiled a list of Earth Day appropriate hats. We have sustainable hats, environmentally friendly hats, charitable hats, and peaceful hats. So let the festivity begin.

Turq hat

Sustainable Hat - Stetson Inwood

Stetson may be my favorite brand, and when it comes to sustainable hats, this Inwood hemp fedora is at the top of the list. What they've done with the hemp, you'd swear this hat is made out of fabric. If you've ever held a straw hat, then felt a hemp, there's a night and day difference. Plus, hemp is considered a sustainable crop, it makes it a justifiable reason to buy a hemp Stetson on Earth Day.


Earth Friendly Hat - Stetson Madrigal

A few more materials for sustainable hats are coconut palm and straw. Straw bales are being used in interesting ways to provide insulation and build eco-friendly homes. This Stetson Madrigal is made of coconut straw. Though whether there's cotton on here or other materials, we can't vouch for its sustainability 100%, but if you're looking good in a straw pork pie this summer, perhaps is the thought that counts.


Santana hat

Peaceful Hat - Santana Spirit

The best Carlos Santana hat is this anti-war themed Santana Spirit hat. This is a military cadet style hat, making all the subtle peace references a graceful irony. There's flowers tucked in the side like a child might do to an army captain. On back there's text proudly proclaiming “peace," and a dove on the bill, the universal symbol of harmony.



Santana remix

Charitable Hat - Santana Remix

All of Santana's hats have a musical theme or take a nod from his Mexican heritage. They're really great, stylish hats. This Santana Remix is no different with its generous weave and noteworthy paisley design. It's a style like no other. What makes Santana hats different, is they donate proceeds from each hat to The Milagro Foundation, assisting underprivileged youth around the world. It's a truly great effort to get behind, knowing your hat purchase is helping others in need.

“There is no greater reward than working from your heart, and making a difference in the world." - Carlos Santana

Winter hat

Climate Change Hat - Walrus Trapper

Whether you believe in climate change or not, if the temperature goes south and we enter a new ice age, you're going to need a trapper hat. This Walrus trapper hat is supremely warm and cozy. Best of all it's made from a faux fur, so no animals were harmed creating this hat. Though somewhat confusing, many argue animal fur is actually a sustainable hat resource. If that's you, then this hat also conveniently comes in a rabbit fur variety. You're welcome.

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