Top 5 Kentucky Derby Hats of 2022

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Top 5 Kentucky Derby Hats of 2022

Stylish Kentucky Derby Hats

Going to the Kentucky Derby means dressing up nice; it's part of the experience. And if you really want to look stylish and sharp, that means not only wearing a nice suit, but also wearing the right Kentucky Derby hat. Check out our list of the top 5 hats that are sure to be show stoppers.


Voyage - Walrus Hats Natural Straw Boater Hat

For a fresh, summer straw hat look no further than the Voyage by Walrus Hats. The lightweight construction of this boater skimmer hat is ideal for warmer weather. Enjoy your summer days out on the beach or behind the wheel of your boat with this crisp, breathable hat.

  • Front Brim Size - 1.75"
  • Side Brim Size - 2"
  • Crown Size - 3.5"
  • Material - 100% Wheat Straw
  • Grosgrain ribbon hat band with stitched side bow
  • Cotton sweatband
  • Walrus Hats side pin

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Retro Panama

Retro Panama - Stetson Genuine Panama Fedora Hat

A true hallmark of when hats ruled the world, this Stetson Retro fedora pays accurate tribute to a bygone era. The fedora hat is as classic as Frank Sinatra is famous. If you're wishing for those golden days and want to return to when men dressed properly, then this is the hat for you.

  • Front Brim Size - 2.4"
  • Side Brim Size - 2.4"
  • Crown Size - 4.25"
  • Material - Grade 3 Panama Straw
  • Black hatband
  • Padded cotton sweatband
  • Tear Drop Crown

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Bishop - Dobbs Straw Porkpie Hat

This porkpie style hat is sure to catch everyone's eye. The flat crown with an upturned brim makes this item visually appealing and it is available in several different color tones. The leather sweatband allows this hat to not only be functional but comfortable for any user.

  • Front Brim Size - 2.12"
  • Side Brim Size - 2.12"
  • Crown Size - 4"
  • Material - Florentine Milan Straw
  • Genuine Leather Sweatband for Comfortable Wear
  • Ventilated Crown for Cooling Air Flow
  • Stylish Dobbs hat pink

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Style, class, and a little bit of flash is just what you'll get with this Stetson Madrigal straw porkpie hat. Coming this summer to your nearest city, because you'll be wearing it, looking like a star with this straw porkpie. The porkpie is seeing a generous resurgence thanks to its prominence in Hollywood films. So dress like the best, and wear this porkpie hat with gusto.

  • Front Brim Size - 2"
  • Side Brim Size - 2"
  • Crown Size - 4"
  • Material - Coconut Straw
  • Plaid hatband held with a coin pin
  • Padded cotton sweatband
  • Thick weave

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Keeneland - Stetson Shantung Straw Boater Hat

Get your Jay Gatsby look on, with the Keeneland Shantung Straw Skimmer Hat by Stetson. The Keeneland hat is modeled after the classic boater hats from the 1920s. This hat will draw attention with the Prohibition Era look at any party. The hat is made of 100% shantung straw, with a firm finish and durable material. The hat band is made of a grosgrain ribbon with a side bow.

  • Front Brim Size - 2 3/8"
  • Crown Size - 3 3/4"
  • Material - 100% Shantung Straw
  • Firm finish
  • Grosgrain ribbon

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