Derby Hats for Men & Women


Refined Standard Bearers

Slightly larger than an everyday hat, yet subtle and understated, derby hats for men and women maintain the tradition of absolute refinement with which these auspicious races have always been associated. The fedora happens to be such a hat. In neutral tones that include black, brown and dove gray, the Empire, for instance, a wool felt fedora by Walrus, features a large brim, grosgrain hat band and colorful side feathers, making it a prime example of a thoroughbred hat worn by men who enjoy a classic look.


Hats with Swag

For the man who commands attention simply by entering a room, only a hat with presence proportionate to his will do. Take a homburg, for example. As large as the time-honored fedora, this hat's high, creased crown and rolled brim that rises on each side make a bold style statement even in a somber shade such as camel. However, design the same hat in red, as in the Stacy Adams wool felt homburg, and that hat virtually exudes swag, as does the man who chooses to wear it.


Grand Dame Hats

A picture hat, with its extra-wide brim, makes a grand entrance and continues to hold all gazes almost hypnotically. Representing this style with elan and grace, Jeanne Simmons's wide brim hat belongs in the wardrobe of any woman contemplating attending the Kentucky Derby. With its five-inch brim, capacious bow in back and stylized flat-pleat design, this hat beckons winsomely. What's more, there's no dearth of favorable responses to it.


Saucy Little Hats

Sometimes a smaller hat speaks volumes. Working in concert to create a beautiful finish, it's the fabric, the color, the embellishments that make a petite hat a standout. Nowhere is this more evident than in a fascinator hat. Intended to perch atop a woman's head at a provocative angle, fascinators derive their beauty and fashion power from the little details. The leopard pillbox headband fascinator by Scala epitomizes this point. Graced with delicate black netting as well as a large black flower, this combination of adornments is particularly stunning on a leopard-print hat. Not for the shy or introverted, a little hat like this captivates onlookers.

Just a few among myriad Kentucky Derby hats for men and women, these styles are sure to be memorable in the best way at the Kentucky Derby or any other marvelous event.


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