Hats to Wear to a Kentucky Derby Party

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The Kentucky Derby is undeniably a high fashion event for the spring season, and you should look the part for any parties you attend in its honor. That being said, some elements of your outfit matter more than others, like the hat you choose to wear to the party. Whether you're male or female, a fashionable hat will complete your look and serve as the most important accessory. Here's some excellent hats to wear at a Kentucky Derby. Take a look before you grab a mint julep and party Southern-style.

Best Mens Hats for the Kentucky Derby

Whether the Kentucky Derby party you're attending is a backyard affair or a high-class bash, it's important to look on point-and a sharp-looking hat is a perfect accessory to show others you're a stylish gent. Check out these three suggestions for hats to wear to the Kentucky Derby just for the men.

Boater Hat


A classic choice, the boater hat will serve as the perfect Kentucky Derby party topper -especially if you're wearing a seersucker blazer. The best part? You don't need to add flair to this hat pick: The two-tone grosgrain ribbon encircling the Boater will suffice. Finally, there's no need to worry about being comfortable during an outdoor party because this hat's breathable construction will allow for airflow.



Don't discount the fedora because you think it only comes in felt. Not so -straw fedora hats are definitely an option, and an added bonus is that they come in more than one color. Consider pairing this hat pick with a navy blazer. And for some additional fashionable flair, stick a colorful feather in the hat's band.



Another classic hat pick that you can't go wrong with is the Panama. A panama hat can help you achieve a sophisticated look without much fuss. All you have to do is create a Kentucky Derby party-worthy outfit. Think brightly colored shirt, chinos, and a summer blazer. Once you have your clothing in place, add a Panama and you'll be oozing style.

Best Kentucky Derby Hats for Women

For your Kentucky Derby party look, you have serious options. Women's hat picks can range anywhere from fantastical whimsy to ultra-sophistication. It all depends on the look you're trying to achieve. Here are three suggestions to consider. If you want more options go check out all of our womens hats.

Wide Brim Hat


Nothing says "Southern Belle" like a wide brim hat -which is a combination of fashion and function. And this hat pick is your opportunity to add a bit of whimsy to your outfit with your own additions of faux flowers, netting and feathers. Not only can you create the perfect party hat, you'll also be protected from those Southern rays due to the hat's characteristic wide brim.



Fedoras aren't only for men. Women have quite a bit of leeway when it comes to choosing a hat for this fashionable event, and a fedora can be the perfect pick. Stick with "The Run for the Roses" theme by choosing a rose-patterned dress and adding a fedora with a colored feather. Or go with a more basic dress and jazz up your look with additional colorful accessories.



If you peruse any photos of Kentucky Derby fashion, you'll undoubtedly notice that some women opt for fascinators instead of other hat choices. The difference with a fascinator is that it is a smaller, more detailed hat pick that perches on the head instead of covering it. Women can achieve a high-fashion look with the addition of a fascinator adorned with high-standing feathers or carefully crafted netting and adornments. The fascinator reigns as the tiny accessory that packs a powerful fashion punch.

Additional Accessory Tips

If you keep your outfit simple, feel free to add pops of color throughout your outfit to show some flair. For men, colored suspenders, a festive tie or bowtie, a multicolored belt, or a brightly-colored feather or band for your hat will add interest to your Kentucky Derby party outfit.

For women who keep their dress choice simple, accessory options abound. But the simplest ways to add color include festive or flowered shoes, a necklace or bracelet, or a cute clutch.

If you opt for more colorful or patterned pieces as an outfit, however, it's probably best to keep adding color to a minimum. To keep things interesting, consider putting a flower in your pocket or adding some other small pop of color.

Just remember, without a hat, your look won't be complete. So take some time to choose the perfect topper for your Kentucky Derby party outfit.


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