Pork Pie Hat vs Fedora

What is the difference between a Pork Pie Hat and a Fedora? The main difference between these two hats can be seen in the crown and brim. For a porkpie hat, the top of the crown is pinched in & the crease is circular in design, which is also known as, a telescope crown. In addition, the brim is very short and points up. Most people refer to the brim type as having a stingy brim. Keep in mind the crown's height is generally shorter than a fedora.

Now, the top of the crown of a fedora can be 6 different shapes. These include center dent, teardrop, diamond, cattleman and telescope. If a fedora has a telescope crown, the brim would need to be around 2.5+ inches to not be confused with a pork pie hat. Now, a fedora brim can be worn by being up all the way around the hat or it can point up in the back and shaped down in the front. However, not every fedora can be shaped or shaped easily.

Keep in mind, everyone's terminology can be different is how they describe a hat. In the image below, the 2 callouts are the easiest identifiers to tell if a hat is a true pork pie. Fedoras have a lot of variations, but will generally be easily identified now that you can see the 2 hats for comparison.

Porkpie vs. Fedora

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