Which Hats Should I Take on Vacation?

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Sure, planning a vacation is exciting. If you,re hoping to escape cold weather, you may spend your days at the office dreaming about sunshine and good times. And if you're headed on an exotic ski getaway, no doubt you're envisioning cozy nights curled up by the fire sipping hot cocoa after a day navigating the slopes. Whatever your plan, there's one thing you will need no matter what: a fashionable hat!

In most cases, you'll probably want to take along more than one. The headwear you choose is primarily dependent on your destination. You'll also want to factor in your itinerary for the trip. There may be an event or two that calls specifically for, say, a men's dress hat or some sort of polished women's hat. Here are some pointers to help make packing a little simpler.

For Warm Weather

Nothing says "relaxation" quite like a mid-summer or spring break getaway. It may even be the one trip you take all year that allows you to truly take a breather from it all. Doesn't it make sense that you'd want to look absolutely amazing? Fortunately, packing the right hats for a summer or spring getaway is easy. The goal is to minimize your exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays, which can damage both your skin and your eyes.

Woman in a wide Brim Hat

Look for a women's summer hat with a wide brim, which provides just enough shade to create a barrier between the sunlight and your complexion. Many hats are packable or crushable, which means exactly what you might expect - they can be crumpled indiscriminately into your bag and bounce right back to stylish condition when you arrive at your destination, without a wrinkle or crease in sight.

Men's visor hats make a fantastic choice for gents who are on their way to the tropics or another destination along the water's edge. Visors perform in much the same way as standard sun hats. They feature wide brims that allow those dangerous UV rays to stay where they belong - away from your face.

What about styles in particular? Keep in mind that summer and spring breaks are usually casual. If you plan to do nothing but lie out on the sand, stroll the boardwalk, and take in the occasional dinner at the hotel restaurant, you probably don't need anything fancy. Bringing men's and women's golf hats is a good idea if you plan to do some swinging on the green. Straw is a practical material that will see you through long days in the sunshine without adding extra weight to your ensemble.

For Cold Weather

What if your vacation finds you somewhere cold? No matter if you're heading to the tundra during the thick of summer or you're going skiing in the middle of winter, you'll need to have an arsenal of practical hats along for the ride. Even if you aren't going skiing, per se, it's a good idea to have something suitable for the possibility. A men's or women's wool hat, for example, will keep you warm in the face of punishing winds, low temperatures, and ice-cold snowfall.

Group photo of friends

Some ski hats are designed to cover your face, too. This is an especially smart design to select if you plan to spend time in a climate that has plenty of sunshine and snow - you'll cover your face and your hair in one go. If you prefer to dress up your cold-weather look, don't discount the relevance of a women's fur hat or a sharp men's fedora hat, both of which channel a little old-world charm and influence.

Planning to stay indoors for the majority of your trip? You'll still need at least one hat for those brief moments when you brave the cooler air. A fashionable hat for women or men made with a soft material, such as felt, wool, or fur, is a smart choice.

Woman smiling

Packing for vacation depends largely on your destination - and that goes for the fashionable hats you choose to tote along, too. Check the weather forecast before you go, and opt for easy-pack headwear that won't take up too much room in your bags.

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