Hats For Travel

Crushable Hats

One of the most important characteristics of a vacation hat is crushability. A structured, stiff hat could lose its shape permanently when you stash it away quickly as you board a plane. Many sun hats, straw hats and felt hats are floppy enough to roll up in your suitcase but bounce back to life when you get to your destination.

Stetson crushable hats are a useful option if you prefer a structured style. You won't sacrifice snappy edges and a well-formed brim when you stick one of these in your luggage.

If your trusty topper isn't so easily packable, you can still take steps to keep it looking sharp while you travel. Set it on a flat surface with the brim up. Fill the crown with small items that you're packing anyway, like socks, and T-shirts.

Place the hat in your suitcase before anything else. You'll want to load it in with the brim against the base of your luggage. Then, pack your other clothing around the hat so that it retains its shape. It won't take up much extra space, and it won't get squashed while you move from place to place. This method will prevent you from having to haul around a huge hat during your travels.

Hats For The Weather

It helps to plan for the elements before you embark on a journey. If you're heading to a sunny spot, make sure that you have a sun hat for everyone in the family. A wide brim is a good way to protect your face, shoulders, back and chest from harmful UV rays when you're sightseeing or beaching it.

Many sun hats are designed to go on holiday with you. Therefore, they're usually easy to pack.

If you're wandering to a rainy locale, you'll want to wear a hat that protects you from the elements and doesn't get damaged when it's wet. Many wool hats are water repellent. You can wear them anywhere without worrying about how they'll hold up. A quick-drying band can also prevent moisture from building up around your forehead.

A bucket hat can go from the beach to brunch and then out to the golf course. These versatile hats come in a wide range of materials and styles. You can grab a durable cotton hat for your active adventures and one with elegant adornments for a night on the town. Many bucket hats can double as a sun hat. Their small size makes them fit well in a handbag.

Hats For Adventures

Are you heading somewhere exotic or adventurous? Make sure that you're prepared from head to toe. Western hats are usually made from rugged materials that can withstand heavy use. You can also give your vacation a theme by encouraging all of your companions to bring along a certain hat style. Cowboy hats work well for costume parties or trips that are oriented around a particular subject.

Wool, felt and leather will keep your head warm in cooler temperatures. Straw, linen and cotton are optimal for tropical settings.

City Hats

If you're going to be wandering around a busy metropolis, you need something streamlined and stylish. A fedora can be worn by men and women and complements your entire wardrobe. Fashion rules are relatively lenient when it comes to how to wear a fedora. Therefore, you can pop it on with a T-shirt, sundress or fine suit.

Although fedora hats can be dressed up or down, you might want to pick up an ivy cap for an informal piece that you can wear around the clock. These hats come in many materials, from breezy straw to cozy wool.

Don't complicate your getaway. Grab a packable hat to take along with you. You may find that it becomes a wardrobe staple when you're close to home too.


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