Best Men's Hat - Top 4 Hats Every Man Should Own

, by Alex Torres, 2 min reading time

You're looking for the best men's hat, because frankly, your head is missing a hat. You've been wandering around aimlessly, without a hat, perplexed where all these trendy hat fashions have come from. They seem to have sprung up overnight. Somehow, you've missed the boat.

Thankfully, we've thrown you a lifeline and come to the rescue. We've compiled this compact guide for the most important hat styles to instantly spruce up your wardrobe.

Flat Hat

Best Men's Hat #1 - Newsboy Hat

The newsboy cap is number one for a reason. This is the best hat in the universe. Everyone's wearing them, even girls love this hat. It's brilliant and trendy and makes you feel like you're part of the in-crowd, wearing the newest and coolest hat of the new millennia. I don't want to hear you don't like hats. Shut up already and buy this hat.

Flat Hat

BEST MEN'S HAT #2 - Ivy Cap

Second on the list is probably the world's oldest style of hat. The ivy cap has been around for like tens and tens of years. Old men love this hat, golfers love this hat, and any man who cares about how he looks love this hat. Just do a google search for “flat cap celebrity" and you'll get like a bazillion hits of the most handsome looking men ever. It's awesome.

Ivy Hat

BEST MEN'S HAT #3 - Fedora

You're wincing at this one, because you think fedoras are worn by strange smelling internet trolls. Not so! You're wrong. Fedoras are worn by awesome people, famous icons, and supremely stylish men. Even rappers and hip-hop artists are picking up on the fedora craze. So you better jump on this bus before anyone calls you a bandwagon-jumper-on'r or whatever. Just be ahead of the curve, dude.

Fedora Hat

BEST MEN'S HAT #4 - Straw Fedora

Now you're like, “What the heck, brozilla? I just dropped a Benjamin on that wool fedora, what gives?" The straw fedora is not the same thing as a wool fedora. It's like a totally different hat. If you want to keep your style intact, and not get drenched by the sweltering humidity, get yourself a proper straw hat for summer, and stop complaining about the money. You would've just blown it on Justin Bieber concert tickets anyway. Who's the troll now?

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