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Who invented the hat? Hats have become such predominate pieces in our everyday wardrobe, so who do we credit as the first hat creator? Hats have been around for centuries, as long as anyone can remember, so is there a specific person who invented the hat?

We take a look throughout hat history and try to unravel this great mystery.


Historians can't agree. While the history of the hats predates us, there aren't many records dating before 3,000 BC. Evidence suggests the hat was invented long before that.

Many suspect as long as humans have roamed the Earth, hats have existed. Early civilizations probably adopted a form of rudimentary head covering as protection from the sun. They could have used fur or skin and fashioned into a simple hat.

Though there's no physical evidence to support this claim, we like to think humans are crafty and smart. We're always seeking ways to beat the odds. Whoever invented the hat surely had an ingenious business proposition on his plate, and others followed suit.

By Photograph : Jean-Gilles Berizzi [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Archeologists think the famous Venus of Brassempouy may depict a woman wearing a hat or a hood. Though estimates date the ivory statue to over 26,000 years old, it wasn't until 1892 that the figurine was discovered in Brassempouy, France.


The first official confirmed hat discovery comes from our good friend Otzi, otherwise known as the Iceman. He's a well-preserved mummy found fully clothed with an adventurous hat of bearskin and leather chin strap. His frozen body was located in the mountain range between Austria and Italy and dates around 3,300 BC.

By Anonymous [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


One of the first drawings of a hat comes to us from ancient Egypt. A tomb in Thebes shows people wearing cone-like straw hats, which dates the image around 3,200 BC. Hats were thought to be common in Egypt as upper-class Egyptians would shave their heads then wear a hat to beat the scorching desert heat.

While we may not have the specific answer to who invented the hat, we can at least be thankful our ancestors had impeccable sense of style.

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