Adventure Hats

Safari Hats and Outback Hats

If you secretly envision yourself as Annie Oakley, you can bring your inner pioneer to life with a wide-brimmed protective hat. These hats are designed for men and women and will keep you covered during your excursions. They hold a unique blend of utility and style, which takes them from the trail to your everyday routine.

Functional materials, like leather, wool and felt, keep the elements away from your face. Lighter materials, like straw and cotton, provide breezy airflow when you're working up a sweat. Look for a hat with a chin strap if you're planning on being active. This feature will help the hat stay in place even when you have an itch to get moving.

Character Hats

Some of the most famous literary and film characters are defined by their headwear. Indiana Jones wears an iconic fedora. It doesn't keep the snakes away, but it makes him look tough enough to endure them as he shudders in fear and evades booby traps.

Sherlock Holmes sported a deerstalker, a wool hat that keeps you warm while you're doing detective work or just trying to stay fashionable when temperatures drop. Greek fisherman's caps give off a rugged yet romantic vibe. Take the style to the preppy side with an ivy cap.

Protective Features

Many hats have sweatbands to help them stay in place and absorb moisture. Thicker, densely woven materials provide protection from harmful UV rays. Some hats come with vents for optimal circulation in the heat of summer. If you're spending long days outdoors, look for a hat that throws shade onto your back and shoulders for extra protection.

You don't have to harness your inner John Wayne to show off your adventurous style. Fedoras bring out your swagger, and boaters show that you can be a little cheeky when you're putting together an outfit. Whether you want to look hardy or more refined, you can exude your unique personality in one of our adventure hats.


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