A Guide to Choosing Hats for Face Shapes

A Guide to Choosing Hats for Face Shapes

, by Christine Wagner, 2 min reading time

When we choose clothes, we typically pick them based on what will look best for our body types. Stylists typically recommend high-waisted pants for apple shapes, square-neck tops for pear shapes, and polo shirts for oval shapes.

The same is true of hats—only, you don’t have to decide between an hourglass or an inverted triangle. Instead, you have a whole different set of strange shape-related jargon. Don’t know an oval from a diamond or how to pick a hat for it? Here’s a guide to choosing hats for face shapes.

Finding Your Face Shape

No guide about picking a hat for your face shape would be complete without an explanation of how to find your face shape. There are three aspects to keep in mind when identifying your face shape. They are:

  • The overall length and width of your face
  • The widest part of your face
  • The shape of your jaw

Usually, you can simply look in a mirror to determine which face shape you have. But if you’re unsure, you can use a sewing tape measure to measure your face.


Round face shapes have equal heights and lengths and rounded jaws. Since the features are so rounded, they often do well with more angular hats, such as fedoras. Otherwise, you can go for a hat that embraces the roundness of the face, like a cloche or beanie.


Square faces tend to have a similar forehead and jaw width, square-shaped jaw, and angular features. Because of this, square faces tend to pair well with hats that have softer, wider angles. Wide-brimmed straw hats, cloches, or berets are ideal.


Hearts are wider on the top and narrower on the bottom. So, when determining if you have a heart-shaped face, look for a wider forehead and cheekbones and a smaller, narrower chin. Heart-shaped faces often look best with wider-crowned hats that have smaller brims. Trilbies, baseball hats, newsboy caps, and flat caps are good examples of these.


The difference between heart- and diamond-shaped faces is the forehead. Diamond-shaped faces tend to have a narrower forehead while still keeping high cheekbones. Hats for this face are those worn farther back on the head with a shallower crown. Porkpies, beanies, and trilbies with a shorter crown all work well.


Long faces are longer than they are wide. They exist in two categories:

  • Oval or oblong faces are longer faces with rounded features.
  • Rectangular faces have more angular features and a strong jawline.

Long faces do well with wider brimmed hats that have sculpted crowns, such as wide-brimmed fedoras and cowboy hats. Ear hats, such as trapper hats, are also flattering to a long face shape.

Whether you have a heart-shaped or square face, there’s nothing like finding a hat that’s just the right fit. That’s why we have all the high fashion hats suited for every face.

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