The Best Hats for Winter Travel

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Packing for travel at any time of the year poses all sorts of styling possibilities and difficulties. Maybe you're the type who can't be without seven pairs of jeans or three different versions of a black dress. When you're traveling in winter, things get even trickier, and hats are certainly wardrobe essentials.

Should you pack five different fashionable hats, just in case you run into a situation that actually requires a specific piece of headwear? The short answer is that you should pack for the weather. Cold weather requires comfort. The good news is that there are countless fashionable winter hats available that make it easy to feel cozy and look fabulous while you're on the road.

For the European Getaway

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You glamorous jet setter! If you've booked a winter getaway to Europe, it's important to look the part. You'll probably want to address the style quotient here to some degree - you never know when a special occasion may spontaneously appear on your schedule. One of the sleekest women's winter hat options is the cloche. It's an elegant, ladylike topper that is toasty in wool and available in a wide range of colors. You'll appreciate the way it pulls your look together in an instant. A great men's winter hat option is the humble flat cap. It's easy to pack, distinctive for its newsboy-influenced profile, and perfect for any number of environments throughout Europe. You'll fit right in with the stylish Europeans.

For Snowy Getaways

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If you know you're about to embark on a truly arctic-like adventure, it's important to pack with extreme warmth in mind. Protecting your ears and head can make all the difference in your comfort levels, whether you're careening down a steep slope or enjoying a leisurely walk on a snowy morning. Men's wool hats are an especially great option for their comfort. Look for details like ear flaps and ties that provide top-level protection while also adding an element of style to your cold-weather outfit. If you happen to have some extra space or are checking a bag, you can probably make some room for a trapper hat. It's a men's (or women's) winter hat that is designed specifically for warmth, with full ear covers and traditionally plush materials like fox fur and sheepskin. You'll be so toasty in these hats that you might even want to keep them on when you get off the slopes.

For the Beach Escape

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While you might not be thinking "beach" when you think of wintertime, what if your winter plans are more of the aquatic variety? If you're thinking about getting away specifically to dodge the onslaught of heavy wind gusts and feet of snow that threaten your area, you'd be smart to book a beach vacation in a sunny, warm climate. In that situation, you'll need a fashionable hat that will shield your eyes and face from harmful ultraviolet rays. A cute women's visor hat will do the job nicely - it's easy to toss into your bag, and some can even be crushed away into your carry-on. Men's baseball hats also make a sensible choice, if your goal isn't so much to protect your hair as it is to prevent the sun from hitting your face. With its wide brim, a sun visor is both practical and fashionable.

Naturally, "packable" is the key word when it comes to finding the perfect fashionable hat for your winter travels. The first factor to consider is how you plan to travel. If you're going with nothing but a backpack and taking the adventurous route, you may need to think minimal - baseball caps and visors fit the bill here. If you're checking a bag, then you have far more space to be creative and even add a couple of options to your repertoire.

Once you've determined how you'll pack your hat, a world of opportunities will open for you. Then you can focus on the most important factors of all: where you're headed, and what you'll need once you get there.


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