Best Kids Hats for 2020

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Looking for the perfect hats for kids? We have the cutest collection of children's hats!

The start of a new year is the perfect time to look to the future and think about what we can pass on to the next generation. In everything that parents aim to teach their children, style sometimes falls to the wayside. We're here to tell you that this shouldn't be the case! Fashion is fun and kids deserve to be able to participate! Hats are an excellent way to accessorize for beginner fashionistas as they can easily be coordinated with many outfits. Here at Fashionable Hats, we have a selection of stylish hats for boys and hats for girls that will be perfect for anything from a kids' photoshoot to a regular day at school. Keep reading to learn more about the most popular hats for kids in 2020!

Shelby 8 Panel Kids Newsboy Cap

The Shelby by Walrus Hats was a bestseller in our adult line, so it only made sense to share this great style with kids! The Shelby for Kids is a traditional 8-Panel Newsboy cap with a short, stiff brim. The beautiful grey herringbone design offers kids an effortlessly sophisticated look, making it perfect for little ones who just can't wait to be grown-ups! The Shelby is made from warm wool material making it ideal for cold walks to school or through the park. Feel like twinning with your toddler? You and your little one will be a perfect pair when you buy the Shelby Walrus Hat for adults, too!

Photoshoot Plaid Patchwork Ivy Cap

The beautiful plaid patchwork of this stunning ivy cap will have your kid feeling photo-ready! The Photoshoot by Walrus Hats is true to its namesake as the classy contrasting colors will work perfectly against most backdrops. The wool construction is both warm and comfortable ensuring that you can feel great about protecting your kids from the cold while also ensuring that they're the best dressed on picture day! Pair this kid's hat with gloves or mittens for a cute and cozy look!

Blueprint Ivy Cap

The Blueprint Ivy Cap for Kids is a savvy and stylish choice for boys and girls! This gorgeous ivy cap is constructed from a light, soft fabric that will be well-suited to the warmer spring days to come. This hat's rich blue tone will pair perfectly with a neutral ensemble and makes for excellent photos! With its classic monotone ivy cap style, this could easily pass as a conductor's hat, making this a great choice for fans of trains and dress-up. The Blueprint makes it easy to set out the plans for ensuring the success and style of your youngster!

Midnight Luxe Straw Fedora Hat

The Midnight Luxe is a great choice for breezy days spent playing at the beach or at a family cookout! Kids will love the comfortable wear provided by this traditional style and parents will love its sharp and tailored appearance! The straw of the Midnight Luxe is immaculately woven and embellished with a sleek, black hatband. This fedora is perfect for young adventurers who love to spend time outdoors as its wide brim does a fantastic job of providing a little extra sun protection.

Teach Your Kids About Style!

It's never too early for a young person to start developing their own unique style. Introducing your children to fun accessories, like hats, at an early age will help them to learn lifelong fashion skills that will serve them well through their school days and beyond. Kids are creative and curious by nature and a hat is sure to inspire them to think outside the box in terms of fashion! No matter if a child in your life needs a functional hat for warmth in the winter or something sleek and stylish for year-round wear, we have the best hats for children. Show support for your child's creative expression and buy a kid's hat today!


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