Flat Cap Styles: Different Types of Flat Caps & Their Names

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Here are the Different Flat Cap Styles and their Alternate Names & Aliases

Whether you are looking to buy your first flat cap or are a seasoned pro, it always helps to know all the different types of caps and their names so you can shop and buy with confidence.

Flat caps or flat hats describe an entire category of hat- with so many different styles and types, its easy to confuse them. Adding to all this, many are called different names or confused frequently like the popular newsboy or newsie, or paperboy, or pageboy hat... these are the most widely known (and unknown) types of flat cap styles.

Newsboy Cap

Man in a 8 Panel Newsboy Cap.

The Newsboy cap or newsie is one of the most recognizable flat caps, and it is still very popular. With a fuller crown that more bulbous than other driving caps, it makes a bold, fun and stylish fashion statement. Most newsboy hats have a button accent and come in wool or cotton

Baker Boy Cap or Fisherman Cap

The Ascot cap is a flat cap with a low-profile crown that is not as baggy or bulbous as a newsie cap and not as soft as a driver cap, it is harder and made of felt or wool.

Driver Cap or Driving Hat

A very popular hat today worn by women and men, these flat caps have a stiff hat band and a full crown. Extremely stylish and popular in Paris, they can enhance any outfit.

Irish Flat Cap

The Irish Flat Cap is one of the more popular flat caps! It is usually plaid, tweed or a similar pattern and can really make you look sharp.

Big Apple Hat or Apple Cap or Gatsby

The Big Apple Hat is very similar to the newsboy cap. It is an 8-panel flat cap with a much larger and wider brim, and a button accent.

Shelby Hat

The Shelby hat is a newsboy cap specifically referring to the very style worn by Thomas Shelby (the guy from Peaky Blinders). Its popularity has grown overseas and in America thanks to its style and a boost from the NetFlix Series.

Herringbone Flat Cap

A herringbone flat cap is one of the most stylish around. Made with the patterned herringbone fabric it is a great complement to your stylish upscale outfits.

Ivy Cap (aka Driving Cap, Boston Scally Cap)

The Ivy Cap is sewn from the back forward, but similar to other flat caps. It really has a nice style with a more English or Irish bend to it. Also called the "scally" cap.

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