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See Top Johnny Depp Hat; From Mad Hatter to the Secret Window

Johnny Depp's Hats exude cool style and suave. But how does he do it? It's simple, he selects hats that fit his personality, not ones that try to be something they aren't-and that is really the essential ingredient to having cool confidence.

Johnny Depp is perhaps one of the more famous hat wearers today. He's often seen sporting one whether he's out and about, on the set, at an interview or in character (think Willy Wonka and Mort Rainey). Depp has worn many different hat styles as well. They include fedoras, newsboys, wide brims and even ball caps.

He first started wearing hats way back when the TV show that made him famous, 21 Jump Street, started to air on national TV. That was 1983, before the world wide web (imagine). His hat of choice was a light-colored fedora back then, one that would become a buckled, worn-in symbol of cool.

Through all the changes society has seen, Depp's hats have always remained the essence of cool. They have an organically classy and masculine suave style. He just knows how to finish an outfit with a hat. So, how does he do it? Let's peruse the many different types of hats Johnny Depp wears.
Bielbienneboy [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Johnny Depp's Fedora Hats

Depp's first hat was a fedora- a light tan, soft felt fedora hat with a pinched front and moderately wide brim. Since then he has donned many different fedoras including a stylish brown wide-brim fittingly worn when promoting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Most of Depp's fedoras are pinch-front, wide brims with a taller center-dent crown and light-colored-they just seem to go with everything. His brown fedora, the one he has been seen wearing from time to time, is most like this Stratoliner Fedora by Stetson. However, Johnny Depp also wears lighter color fedoras shaped just like this one. He does wear dark fedora hats in gray or black as well. Nearly all his fedoras are felt with the pinch-front, tall crown and wider brim. You can find a selection of various color felt fedoras like Johnny Depp wears here.

The wider brim fedoras are imposing, but they make a statement and when worn with a wide jacket they enhance the profile and are essential.

Johnny Depp wears a brown fedora with a tall crown and wide brim like this one.
Johnny Depp wears a brown fedora with a tall crown and wide brim like this one.


Depp Newsies Caps and Flat Hats

Johnny Depp also wears newsboy caps (aka newsie hats or gatbsy hats). These are 8-panel hats with a full crown that flops over and usually sports a tactful button accent. The hats ooze with cool and easily accent some of Depp's most confident attire. You can find newsboys in all styles, including the ones like Johnny Depp wears here.

brown corduroy ascot hat
This Ascot cap adds an authentic accent to your best outfits.
The Shelby hat is another incredible option to look amazing in a flat cap.
The Shelby hat is another incredible option to look amazing in a flat cap.
The Irish Flat Cap, with a three-panel desing and tweed pattern, can really enhance your style.
The Irish Flat Cap, with a three-panel design and tweed pattern, can enhance your style.
Black baker boy hat
Keep it simple with a black baker boy. This hat goes with just about anything including your jeans and t-shirt outfits.
Black leather baker boy hat
Stylish baker boy hats keep you looking more like a hip fashionista and less like the old man in the sea.

Depp & the Secret Window Hat

Johnny Depp, playing Mort Rainey, wore a creepy (but somehow stylish) hat in the Movie Secret Window, which is a black, open crown fedora. It's also a hat often worn by Mormons. Stetson makes a similar hat called the Marfa with a somewhat narrower brim that looks better and more modern, click here to view it.
Depp wears an open-crown fedora like this one in Secret Window. You can shop for this hat here.

Mad Hatter Fedora

Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter hat is actually a top hat that has a very exaggerated crown shape. This is purely a prop hat and you won't see many of them worn on the streets. You certainly won't see Johnny Depp wearing one, however, some die-hard fans of the movie might be.

Johnny Depp Mad Hatter Hat
Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter Hat is a tall top hat that has a distinct style. You can buy this hat here.

Now, in case you don't want to wear this hat around town, you can buy similar top hats they are quite stylish. Take a look at this top hat similar to Johnny Depp's famous Mad Hatter hat.

Captain Hat (aka Greek Fisherman or Baker Boy Hat)

Johnny Depp has worn what is commonly called the captain hat or the boat captain's hat. This is hat styled after the maritime hats captains wore back in the old days. It has a soft, low crown with a braided hatband and short stiff brim. Most have captain emblems. These are also called baker boy hats or Greek fisherman hats.

Black baker boy hat
Johnny Depp wears greek fisherman or baker boy hats.

Over the course of his time in the spotlight, Johnny Depp has worn a range of very stylish hats, capping off an impressive combination of cool, classy style.

Johnny Depp by, on Flickr
Andy Templeton [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


Take a look at our Johnny Depp inspired hats including fedoras, captain hats and newsboys.

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