The Classic Frank Sinatra Hats

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Famous Hats that Frank Sinatra Wore; From Fedora to Trilby

Frank Sinatra was known for his crooning voice and timeless lyrics. He had a talent that transcended the times on stage and the silver screen. Sinatra was also well known for his hats which he wore in movies, while performing and in real life.

If there is one hat that is truly Sinatra it's the fedora. The sharp, manly style perfectly reflected Sinatra's magnetic personality and natural charm. But there are other iconic Sinatra hats you might not know about and you can buy any of them today to enhance your style.

What Kind of Hat did Frank Sinatra Wear?

Frank Sinatra wore two main types of hats: fedora hats and trilby hats. He wore them in a range of colors but most often darker or muted colors like gray, black, navy and tan. Some were very fancy made of fur felt, while others were more humble made of plaid wool patterns.

He had a knack for making these hats look not just good but amazing. The way he wore them and how they accented his face was the main reason he has become so closely associated with the men's hat. That and the fact that he wore them everywhere.

Sinatra wore a fedora like this one. They still make them. Click here to buy this hat and upgrade your style.

Frank Sinatra's Famous Fedora Hats

Frank Sinatra and the fedora hat are indelibly tied together as an icon of his era. For good reason. The fedoras Sinatra wore pronounced the manly-style of the times-and helped further define his characteristic charisma and zest for life. But these fedora hats weren't ahead of their time-they were timeless and so popular they practically defined that era all by themselves.

These classic styles were worn in earlier decades- a time that held its own version of a style and class that was truly original and well-defined. Some of those same styles are still available today.

Gray Fedora
Sinatra Fedora

Some of these classic Frank Sinatra fedoras should be in your wardrobe because they still throw off vibes of charm, style and grace-ageless qualities ladies love and appreciate. They also enhance and upgrade your look from dull to truly sharp. So, if you have real character, why not show it? Look at these Sinatra fedoras on sale right now.

Frank Sinatra Trilbies and His Other Hat Styles

Sinatra didn't just wear a fedora. He also wore a hat called the trilby. It's a narrow brim fedora with a shorter crown slightly angled forward. Narrow brim hats complement men with more slender shoulders. Since Sinatra had a slighter build, these hats just worked better for him, making him look sharper and more stylish.

While the hats are great for men with narrow shoulders-they don't look good on broad-shouldered guys. So, if you have a build like Sinatra, consider one of these great trilby hats or a narrow brim fedora. If you have a larger build, try a wider brim fedora

wider brim fedora
Santana Hats
Gray Fedora

How Sinatra Wore His Hat

How Sinatra wore his hat reflects how he lived his life; with style, attitude and plenty of confidence that bordered on cockiness. But this is what his character so appealing to men and women alike.

He just had an air of confidence and liveliness about him that was infectious. That class and character was accentuated by his hats- a mark of endless style and suave. That's the spirit the fedora hats of today still capture.

You can dress like Sinatra by wearing the same style hat. Take a look at these fedora hats with the same style as Sinatra/

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