Charlie 1 Horse Hats

Fashion is powerful. In fact, it sometimes makes statements so strong that they transcend mere style or design, boldly declaring a personal stance as well. Such is the case with Charlie One Horse Hats. Sporting unabashed patriotic pride in the form of straw hats, these western hats unequivocally announce the wearer's love of country.

A Sartorial Salute

It's the American-flag motif that captures attention in this straw hat. Known as The Hero, it calls to mind myriad patriotic images, with its red and white stripes coupled with white stars set against a navy blue backdrop. The hat of choice for those who want to proclaim their allegiance with a bit of sartorial flair, it's a great accent to summer holiday wear as well as a dash of exuberance with any relaxed outfit.

Sleek Homage

With stars sprinkled at the base of its crown, The Stars and Stripes hat pays homage to country with understated style. It's the cowboy hat with urbane pizzazz that will take it anywhere the wearer wants to go throughout the summer.

Sometimes a hat is just a hat. Charlie One Horse Hats are a statement of style and character.


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