Gangster Hats

Take a look at our gangster fedora hats, the same styles worn by mobsters in the prohibition era. These fedoras truly capture the essence of the mobster era. With the same design and shape, featuring the pointed tear drop crown, gutter dent sides, and brim style, they have some of the exact same features you see in movies and on TV. Of course, we also have a selection of white fedora hats, perhaps the most popular color worn by gangsters. Or, shop all of our fedoras to find something that suits you best.

Step into the glamorous and exciting culture of the Mob. Buy one of our high-quality gangster fedora hats and experience what it is like to dress like a mafioso.

Gangsters have become part of popular culture. Ever since prohibition vaulted mobsters like Al Capone and Lucky Luciano into the spotlight, they have captured the imagination of the public and idolized by many. Their hats and suits stand out as something that elevates them to another level. Enjoy this same style and browse our unique selection of top quality hats just like the ones they wore in the Golden Era of the mob.

Which Type of Fedoras Did Gangsters Wear?

Most gangsters wore the fedora. A narrow brim hat with a pointed, tear-drop crown and gutter dent sides. These were also crushable fedoras, which means they could be packed down into a suitcase or crushed for a period of time without losing shape. They the brims and the top could become shaped by wear.

These fedoras were almost always made of wool felt (see all of our felt fedoras). However, some gangsters like Bugsy Siegel wore straw hats. He sometimes wore the popular Panama Hat as part of his ensemble. Others could be seen wearing the Trilby hat which is very similar to the fedora but with a narrower brim.

The color of the fedora usually depended on the suit it was worn with. Many gangsters wore a black fedora. This is typically true of enforcers or lower-level mobsters. Mob bosses like Al Capone wore a white fedora, as did Machine Gun Kelley, but the color of the fedora did not signify rank or position within the crime family at least in any formal way.

Why Do Gangsters Wear Fedoras

There is no single reason to point to as to why gangsters wear fedoras. It's a style choice and it really goes with the image and status these mobsters wished to portray. They started wearing them back in the 1920s. However, at this time not all gangsters wore them or even dressed in suits. By the 1940s the look was solidified in mafia culture. Al Capone wore one to present an aura of status, style and dignity. This was something he was feverent about, some say even more so after sustaining the famous scar in a fight.

Whatever the reason the facts are clear. These hats separated them from the common criminal, extending the lore and legend of the mob by defining their persona as debonair, audacious and stylish.


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