Stetson Fedora Hats

If you are going to wear a fedora, wear a Stetson. Stetson fedoras, an American tradition rich in historical significance with a deeply storied past. Both symbols of some of the country's most valued ideals. Each have endured through the centuries and remained not just relevant but as symbols in their respective fields, as tastes and style changed drastically around them.

Each has captured the heart of the nation while cementing their image in the culture. Both have achieved iconic status, and both continue to thrive as pivotal points in fashion. Now they stand as symbols of a deeper character, longevity, true dignity and real values.

Few companies ever achieve the heights as Stetson and even fewer can claim such heritage. After creating the original hat of the west, they launched one of the longest-standing trends in hats and fashion. Single-handedly making one of the biggest contributions to western culture rivaling even the six gun. At the same time they embodied the truest spirit of the nation. A symbol of firm but affable character, hard-earned rewards and sure-handedness, it's the company that helped establish the west.

The fedora has done the same for hat fashion, making an enormous impact over the decades, it is still the nation's most recognizable hat. Unchanged for generations, it is still recognized for its dignity, style and character.

So, if you are going to wear a fedora buy the brand that truly captures the spirit and significance of this great hat. Buy a Stetson fedora.

How Stetson Began making Hats

Stetson has been making hats since 1865 when John B. headed west. He held the very same beliefs and traditions that helped build the country from nothing. Stetson fedoras, much like their cowboy hats, are a classy, refined but versatile accessory that every man and woman should own. They continue to represent a spirit of individuality and dignified character.

Buy a Stetson Fedora from an Authorized Retailer

We are pleased to be an authorized retailer of Stetson fedora hats for both men and women. Our collection includes the most beloved and appreciated styles. Everything from vintage Stetson fedoras like the Stratoliner, Whippet, and Temple styles. To more modern versions like the straw Andover or Tate. We also have Royal Stetson fedoras that are elegant and sophisticated.

We Offer Felt and Straw Stetson Fedoras

If you are looking for something more versatile we have a broad selection of Stetson straw fedoras. These versatile hats are ideal for the outdoors in warm weather. Woven from supple straw, they naturally breath to keep you cooler in the sun, making them ideal for activities outside. Wear one when watching the game, relaxing at the beach or poolside. The hats are so stylish they can go right from the poolside lounge chair to the cabana bar keeping your style rocking all day and night.

For those seeking that perfect formal accent for a wedding or a black tie event we have your perfect fit. The Dublin is a formal Stetson fedora with exceptional style and grace.

Shop Mens and Womens Fedoras

We also feature Stetson fedoras for women, perfect for complementing that new outfit, or upgrading your current ensembles. A fedora can add just the right touch to any look.

These fine hats come in all styles and materials including classic wool felt, suede and our straws include both hemp braid, milan, seagrass and shantung.

Plus, we feature more unique and dapper styles like the Stetson suede fedora.

Both the fedora and Stetson have reached iconic status. Now, you can bring your style to the same level. Look your best with one of the world's most famous hats from the world's most famous hat maker. Be authentic, buy a Stetson fedora. You are going to look great wearing one!


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