Trilby Hats


Definition of Style

There's just something about a trilby hat. Stylish, beguiling, and so very transformative, these little hats have power. That's style power, the kind that only the consummate class of a trilby can offer.

Sure, there are other hats with as much popularity. Fedoras, for example, have their followers. After all, Mad Men's Don Draper almost single-handedly reprised that dapper look of yesteryear with a nod to the impeccability of such sartorial savants as Frank Sinatra and Humphrey Bogart. Yet the trilby is in a cool class all by itself.



Not Quite a Fedora

Often mistaken for a fedora, the trilby's diminutive size and smaller brim, frequently upturned in the back, distinguish this style maker from all other hats. Yet its minimal size is part of its tremendous style. This is the little hat that could, and does.

A Flair of Fashion

It's the suave and sophisticated choice of Brad Pitt, for instance, paired with dark shades and an enigmatically worldly expression. Also coupled with dark sunglasses as well as the rakish beginnings of a beard, Justin Timberlake's trilby is an urbane accent to a designer T-shirt. Yes, these men look good even without the hat, but the trilby adds a new and decidedly dashing dimension to their looks.

Men's Trilby hats just have a way of injecting a dash of personal flair into whatever a man wears. A classic straw trilby such as our Tommy Bahama BTW1940S natural burnt raffia trilby could easily become a summer staple for the man who likes a touch of elegance even when he's casually dressed. Partnered with white pants or khakis and a favorite shirt, this hat creates a look that oozes joie de vivre.

Likewise, a wool trilby brings the same level of refinement to winter wear. Our Stetson STW181 wool blend trilby perfectly melds the herringbone pattern of the hat's crown with the solid color of the brim in a hat that is as striking an accompaniment to a suit as to jeans and a blazer. This is the hat to reach for when the impression you make matters.

Women Take a Stand

Of course, a trilby hat is not just for men. Women's Trilby hats are a fabulous accent to daywear for work or weekends. Take our Laidback Stetson straw trilby hat-TSLDBK, for example. Paired with a pencil skirt, a tailored jacket and pumps, this hat takes summer's sizzle right into the office. Yet it could just as smoothly be partnered with a long and flowing sundress and flat sandals for a casually chic weekend look.

Similarly, the more tailored design of our Jeanne Simmons paper braid trilby is a sexy accent to a flirty skirt or shorts and a frilly top. It's the juxtaposition of the crisp hat and the soft fashions that makes these looks work.

Trilby for All

Hats elevate any outfit. The trilby does it with incomparable elan. For men or for women, the trilby is definitely the smaller hat with tremendous style.