Western Hats

Let's just say it from the outset: Cowboy hats are cool. It's their innate style, their western charm, their pure masculinity that imbue these hats with such appeal. In fact, these western hats have bravado that has moved them far beyond cowboy ranches into the most urbane venues. In cities and suburbs, and even at the beach, Men's Western Hats, quintessential examples of American style, have a nonchalant sort of swagger about them that commands attention. That's why they are as ideal an accent to a sport coat and slacks in the city as to chaps and boots on a ranch. They are that versatile.

Versatile- No Longer for the West

A black cowboy hat, for instance, complements virtually anything you pair with it. A case in point is our Royal Flush Stetson, one of our gambler hats. With a nod to the bad guys in old western movies, this black hat with a slender concho band encircling its telescope crown completes a monochromatic black outfit in high style while also adding a touch of sexiness to a tailored suit and a dash of individuality to the casual look of jeans. Black hats are definitely not for bad guys any more.

Of course, Stetson western hats are the real McCoy when it comes to cowboy hats. Our Roxbury Stetson leather western hat TRROXB, with the classic dented crown and traditional brown hue, exudes that cowboy ambiance. For the man whose self-confidence precludes explaining himself, this is the hat to wear with everything.

The Cowgirl

Yet, for all its machismo, the unexpected element of a western hat is this: It's a smolderingly hot look on women, too. The hat of choice for a woman who is secure in her femininity and knows that a hat with a manly pedigree only enhances her grace, Women's Western Hats have become a big trend.

Red and sassy, our Scala ST11OS shapeable Toyo western hat, for instance, is a pop of bright color with jeans or shorts and a saucy accompaniment to a simple dress. Not at all for the meek or shy, this hat is a bold wink at onlookers.

From the color and size to the embellishments and tilt of the hat, cowgirl hats feature the best of the men's version with distinctly female details. Our Jeanne Simmons Toyo straw outback hat demonstrates this with panache. Its high crown displays the traditional center dent along with a leatherette band, both of which are counterbalanced by its delicate, almost lacy, open-weave pattern. The wide brim offers shade from the sun along with an air of sophistication that coordinates as easily with a sundress or shorts for weekend outings as with a jacket and pencil skirt for work.

Coolness Factor

Whether you are seeking the skillful combination of ruggedness and suavity offered by Men's Western Hats or the smooth intermingling of delicacy and strength in cowgirl hats, these western hats are trending right now. Since they are not just for cowboys anymore, the only question is whether you are cool enough to wear one.


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