Cowboy Hats Styles & Types

Cowboy Hat Styles & Types

There are many different styles and types of cowboy hats worn in western culture today. Cowboy hats are generally defined by two features: the crown style and the brim shape. Each cowboy hat crown has distinctly different shapes defined by the palcement and deth of the side dents and the center creases. You'll also find the height of the crown plays an important part in the cowboy hat style. Take a moment to learn all the different cowboy hat styles below to find one that suits your tastes and lifestyle.


This is the most popular type of cowboy hat and most often worn in westerns and in western culture. It has three crown creases--two on each side and one directly down the center of the hat. This hat also has brim with slightly curved edges.

Low Cattleman

Same as the cattleman but the crown height is lower.

Wide Cattleman

Same as the cattleman but the center dent is wider than traditional cattleman hats.

Cattleman 65

Much like the cattleman, this crown shaoe has a center dent and two side dents. The two side dents start lower on the crown and have a slighter angle forming a longer and slimmer point.


The ranch style cowboy hat is very much like the cattlemen, with two side dents and a center dent. However, the front slopes down at a slight angle.

Brick Top

The brick cowboy hat is a modified cattleman with rectangular center dent in the crown. The single, rectangular dimple gives the brick a distinctive-looking top profile.

Bull Rider

A bull rider cowboy hat has a triangular brim with a square center dent with rounded corners. It's popular among rodeo riders in the west.

Gambler (AKA Telescope)

This hat has a wide, circular and flat brim with a flat-topped crown featuring an oval-shapped center dent. It has a very authentic look.

Square Top

Similar to the brick top, this cowboy hat crown has a square center dent and two small side dents.


A round open crown with two small side dents in the top coming together in a pinched-front style.


The derby Western isn't unlike the traditional derby hat in that it features a distinct, dimple-free round crown. Western derbies have long and slightly up-curled brims.

Pinched Front

As the name suggests, a pinched front hat features a sharp V-shaped crown with dual pinches at the front.


Gus cowboy hats feature high crowns that slope towards the front and three deep dimples on the crown.

Luke Cowboy Hat

The Luke Crown features a wide, flat brim with an open crown and two small side dents on each side.


The puncher cowby hat has a wide, flat brim and two long side dents.


The association cowboy hat has a sharp, triangular center dent with two larger side dents on each side.

Tom mix

The Tom mix, also called the Ten-Gallon Hat, is the same as the Gus but is larger (hence its 10-gallon moniker) and more dramatic.

Open Crown

Popularized by Stetson in its early days, the open crown cowboy hat features a roomier crown that's typically rounded and free of dimples.


Worn by Amish men, this is a cultural accessory. The hat is black, has a flat crown and straight, round brim. The hats also sport a hat band that can be muted in color or decorative in some cases.

The Cutter

Similar to the cattleman crown style, this crown features side dents that allow for enhanced room inside the hat. It also has a brim that curves up on the sides more than the cattlemen.

Ridge Top

A tall crown with two side dents that are shallow and at a steeper angle than the cutter. The brim also curves up on the sides.


This hat has a squared off look. The crown has a shallow dent in the center and two shallow side dents on each side. The crown is higher than most cowboy hats.


Traditional hat of the Canadian police, the mountie has a round brim, with a round crown that comes to a peak with dents on each side.


A flat top cowboy hat with a triangular center dent, two side dents and a dent in the rear of the hat.

Boss of the Plains

This hat has a ovular brim and round crown that is "open" or has no dents.


The tycoon has a tear drop shape crown with a slightly blunt forward pinch and two generous side dents.


The salem has a single, shallow center crease from front to back and two, long and shallow side dents that form two small peaks on each side. Slightly reminiscient of eastern, farmer hats.

Cowboy Hat Brim Shapes

The brim shape of a cowboy hat adds a special flare and character to the hat. Brims come in one of a few well-known shapes, mostly distinct by the type of curve or curl and the overall shape of the brim.

Flat Brim

The flat brim is straight with no curve up or down

Texas Brim or Half Taco

The Texas Brim or half taco is slightly curved upwards on the sides with a straight front end.

Full Taco Brim

The full taco brim is curved up shaprly on both sides in the shape of a taco.

Relaxed Taco Brim

The relaxed taco has two sides curved up at a very slight angle of about 45 degrees. It's similar to the texas brim.

George Brim

Similar to the relaxed taco and texas brim, the george brim is angled up on both sides

Rolled Brim

The brim has rolled up edges

Retro Brim

The retro brim has rolled up edges that are a little more relaxed than the taco.

Come and Go Brim

With edges that are slightly angled up in a slight curl, the come and go is a common brim style for cowboy hats


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