The 5 Most Popular Hat Gift Ideas for a Man for Colder Weather

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When winter weather arrives, it's time to bundle up. Fortunately, an abundance of snow, wind, and ice doesn't have to spoil a man's sense of style. Whether you live in Chicago or Fargo, these stylish cold weather hats will keep your guy warm and fashionable throughout the season.



No winter wardrobe is complete without this classic hat. Although fedoras have been around for well over a century, their popularity surged in the 1920s. During this time, the fedora was Prince Edward's hat of choice. Both British and American men soon followed his lead as the hat became a symbol of elegance and masculinity.

One of the best hats for cold weather wear, fedoras are made from various materials, including wool and felt. The numerous designs available let you select a hat that matches your guy's individual personality. When traveling to work through the snow, a fedora is an ideal hat for keeping the head and ears warm.

Great for business or formal settings, this hat pairs perfectly with a suit or other dressy attire. Although it can be worn with semi-casual wear, anything overly laid back will detract from the fedora's prestigious style.



Trappers make great gift ideas for men who like to spend their time outdoors. The hat's design is somewhat similar to an aviator cap, and they are generally lined with cozy fur for added warmth. The extending earflaps help keep the head and neck area well protected. A very durable hat for extreme weather conditions, the trapper looks best when matched with casual or outdoorsy apparel.

Typically made from leather, this hat has a manly aura that is very appealing. Hats equipped with chinstraps stay secure on windy days, or they can be left open in calmer weather.

Flat Caps

Flat cap

While some hat gifts are mainly for formal or business wear, flat caps offer a great deal of flexibility. This stylish hat has an authentic British flair that has been admired by men for ages. Although some form of the flat cap originated as early as the 1300s, recent iterations of the hat can be paired with either contemporary or traditional clothing styles.

Whether you're shopping for a young or middle-aged man, this hat is easy to incorporate into just about any type of wardrobe. From a dressy business suit to a rugged shirt, flat caps provide exceptional warmth and style.



If you're searching for a fashionable man's gift that offers versatility, the homburg is an excellent choice. This stylish hat has a distinctive upturned brim with a gutter crown. Sometimes referred to as the "Godfather hat," it is often viewed as a symbol of influence or power.

Winter homburg hats made of wool felt add a little flair to an otherwise conservative outfit. Most hats contain a decorative band adorned with a colorful feather. When thinking of hat gift ideas, it is nice to know the homburg can be worn by men of all ages. From the office to guys' night out, these functional hats provide fashionable warmth on cold nights.

Pork Pie


Due to its shape, the pork pie hat gets its name from the traditional dish that was a hit during the late 1800s. A crusty pastry made from pork, this comfort food was a favorite among foxhunters across the English countryside. With a name like pork pie, it's easy to see why these popular hats are associated with staying warm and cozy during wintertime.

A popular man's gift for any occasion, the pork pie has a distinctive crown that is pinched around the top. Most hats have the stingy brim design which is about 1½ inches in length. A smart choice for wet weather, winter pork pie hats made with crushed wool felt provide waterproof protection and prevent a man from getting sick.

Man leaning against the wall

It's easy to see why hats are one of the top men's gift ideas for the holidays. They are fashionable yet functional, and a necessity for all men who live in cooler climates. Best of all, winter hats come in a variety of styles and shapes, allowing shoppers to create the perfect gift for that special someone.

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