Baker Boy Hat: How & When to Wear It

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If there's one trending hat gaining momentum today it is the baker boy hat. This stylish hat (also known as the Greek fisherman hat) has been seen on many fashionistas recently and it's sure to be one of the most in-demand new hats for this upcoming season. Reason? The baker boy hat is just plain stylish and it goes with just about any outfit.

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There are so many different ensembles in a wardrobe today, hats seem to be an afterthought. But no matter what type of outfit you wear-from casual to dressy, a hat like the baker boy can be a real game-changer. This hat can go with just about any outfit.

As long as you know how to wear the baker boy hat without looking like a boat captain, or the old man in the sea, it can greatly improve your look.It's simple, just follow a few simple rules to look your best in any type of baker boy cap!

Baker Boy
Baker Boy hats bring unique character and style to your outfits.

Buy the More Stylish Baker Boy Hats

These hats come in all sorts of styles-from the really drab "captains hat" to the really exciting leather and decorative styles you see fashionistas sporting. Choose one that has class and style. Skip the nautically inspired caps and choose the leather accented options.

These bring together the classy, historical vibe this hat naturally has with a modern style. Like the Capheria leather baker boy hat from Aegean. It's perfect for your casual jeans and a leather jacket outfit but can pair with anything that has a modern look and vibe.

Baker boy
Stylish baker boy hats keep you looking more like a hip fashionista and less like the old man in the sea.


KISS (Keep it Simple, Stylish)

The baker boy hat doesn't have to go with an elaborate outfit. Wear it with something simple like jeans and t-shirt. It's authentic, classic style will blend well and balance these types of outfits with just the right accent of hip yet hardcore. If you want a real easy combination, try the very simple black baker boy hat. This stylish hat is one solid color with minimal accenting making it ideal for your casual clothes.

Black baker boy
Keep it simple with a black baker boy. This hat goes with just about anything including your jeans and t-shirt outfits.

The Palaemon fiddler or baker boy is another incredible option. It's plain black but can go with jeans and a decorative t-shirt, as well as more elaborate outfits. Accessorize and make this one look really unique. Any type of baker boy will go well with your modern outfits.

Jean-François Gornet [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

You can also try the newsboy cap, which is slightly different. It's an 8-panel hat that's baggier and brings a similar character. The Shelby hat or Chantal jockey cap are also great options.

The Shelby hat is another incredible option to look amazing in a flat cap.

Dressing It Up With Baker Boy Caps

You can also wear this hat with any of your more upscale outfits. From a suit to your favorite dress, a matching baker boy hat can make an ordinary outfit exceptional. Try it with your favorite jacket, whether it is a leather bomber, a Sherpa or a sweater. They look best with an upscale wool jacket and jeans or a work suit. You can wear one with just about any of your Fall jackets or sweaters. It's the perfect way to spice out your everyday office outfit as well.

tendencia baker boy

When to Wear Them?

If you're wondering when to wear a baker boy cap or newsboy cap, think Fall-type weather. Whenever it starts getting cooler at night, but not too cold, these caps are perfect. The good thing about them is they can be worn to just about any event-or when just running around. Perfect for the college campus, your first day at work, or a weekday date, they are really a versatile option.

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