10 Best Hats to Wear with a Suit

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Need an extra dash of style to accessorize your sharpest suit? Look no further than a Fashionable Hat!

It's no secret that stylish suits and hats go together like peanut butter and jelly. The perfect hat can elevate a polished look to the heights of fashion. Wondering what the best hats to wear with a suit are? We're here to make sure you don't have to wonder, anymore! In this article, we'll go over the hottest and trendiest hat styles to pair with suits and formal attire.



1. Fedora

The Fedora hat is a classic style that has endured since its inception in the late 19th century. This style features a soft brim and a pinched, indented crown. Fedoras are available in a variety of materials ranging from genuine wool to straw. Due to popular demand, fedora hats are available in a multitude of styles and colors that make them perfect for mixing and matching with your formal wear. If you're looking for a truly versatile hat to pair with any dress suit, you'll love the Compass by Walrus Hats. This wool felt fedora is available in a variety of colors to perfectly suit your needs (pun intended)!


2. Trilby

How you choose to accessorize your suit will speak volumes about your personality. If you're looking to create a fun, bohemian vibe, even while sporting your most dapper apparel, a fun and carefree trilby hat is the style for you! The trilby is strikingly similar to a fedora, but with a shorter brim and less exaggerated crown indentation. Trilby hats are perfect for adding a cool pop of levity to your dressiest ensemble. Looking for a whimsical and understated accessory to liven up your look? Try the Triumph by Walrus Hats! This charming style is sure to set you apart from the crowd at your next business meeting or gala event!


3. Bowler/Derby

The bowler hat is evocative of famous outlaws and renegades like Bat Masterson, who favored the bowler/derby style. Bowlers were popular in the American Old West and have endured as a staple of fashion in the hat world. A bowler hat paired with a suit will add an air of rogue-ish intrigue to your look and create a sense of mystery about you. The Legend by Walrus Hats is the perfect statement piece to complete your suave look at your next formal gathering.


4. Homburg

Homburg Hats are an eclectic choice that will add character to any formal style. Homburg hats are thought to have originated from Bad Homburg, Germany where Edward VII allegedly adopted the style. This zany hat has persisted across generations due to its standout style. Homburg hats feature a grosgrain hatband, accentuated trim along the brim, and a single dent across the center of the hat. If you're a fan of this distinct style, the Valerio by Stacy Adams is just the striking accessory you're looking for!


5. Panama/Straw

    Panama and straw hats are suitable for so much more than just casual beachwear. Today, the highest quality straw and Panama straw are used to construct breathable, lightweight hats inspired by classic styles. One great thing about straw is how well it takes to different dyes, enabling it to be sold in a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors that will match any suit! The Rosebud by Dobbs is perhaps the perfect example of a classic hat with a savvy construction that is sure to turn heads at your next soiree.


    6. Pork Pie

      The Pork Pie hat has a star-studded history. This little hat has made a big impression on the entertainment industry. From stars like Buster Keaton all the way back in the 1920's, to the more recent popularization of pork pie hats by Bryan Cranston's portrayal of Walter White in the smash-hit television series Breaking Bad, the pork pie has always been synonymous with success and notoriety. A pork pie's flat crown and short brim give it a sharp and sleek look that will pair perfectly with any suit. If your look needs a flair of the debonair, you'll love the Cranston by Stetson. This hat is constructed from top quality wool and is available in three rich colors to ensure a great match for your outfit.

      7. Boater

      The Boater Hat may seem an unlikely pairing with a suit, but please hear us out on this one. The boater has a traditional style with a flat top and short, stiff brim that gives is a sharp and dapper appearance. For example, who could forget Dick Van Dyke's classic portrayal of Bert in Disney's classic 1964 film Mary Poppins? Bert was depicted with a snappy, brightly-colored pinstripe blazer, white suit pants, and a straw boater hat that completed his signature, happy-go-lucky look. In practice, a boater hat pairs excellently with pastels and is a must-have if you plan on wearing a light-colored suit. The Voyage by Walrus Hats is an excellent choice for a bright and cheery looking suit and tie ensemble!


      8. Ivy Cap

        An Ivy Cap is a great choice for when you need something understated that will keep the focus on your sharp suit. Ivy caps come with a flat crown and a short, stiff brim that accentuates the subtle sophistication of this hat style. Ivy caps are traditionally made with wool or various dyed fabrics and are available in a plentiful selection of colors that will complement any suit. The Midtown by Walrus Hats is a great option for matching with your suit as it has a very large selection of colors available.


        9. Newsboy Caps

        Although a newsboy cap may seem an unconventional choice with formal attire, it is actually perfect for adding a touch of youth and radiance to your look. Newsboy caps traditionally have rounded caps and a short, stiff brim that give it its unique shape. These caps tend to be made from materials like wool and are available in numerous shades and styles. If you're looking to show off your exuberant and youthful spirit, try pairing the Shelby by Walrus Hats with your suit. The Shelby is available in several traditional colors that are sure to match most modern suits.


        10. Top Hats

        Of course, no article featuring hats to wear with suits would be complete without mentioning the classic top hat. While you may think that the top hat is a bit exaggerated for the contemporary look you'd like to achieve, this classic style has quietly evolved over the years into a winning and wearable fashion staple. Top hats are available with shorter crown heights for a more modern and understated look. Of course, there are also classic high-crowned top hats available in case you're not interested in blending in! The Deadman by Walrus Hats is a perfect example of a modern tophat style that will surely help you to achieve the dapper and dashing look you're after.

        Elevate your Style from Formal to Fantastic!

        If all of these trendy hat styles have you feeling underdressed, you're not alone! Hats, in general, are on the rise and there are sure to be more and more snazzy hats appearing at formal events. Don't be behind on the trend! Be sure to snap up a Fashionable Hat before your next big event!

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