The Best Country Western Hats - Country Music Awards Edition

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In celebration of the Country Music Awards this weekend, we decided to pay respect to the handsome hats these guys wear on tour. We ran through the gamut of Male Vocalist of the Year nominees, taking a peek at how these country gents utilize hats to broaden their fashion appeal.

One thing that's important to note is not every country music star wears a western hat. That's definitely a stereotype that plagues the industry and is quickly evaporating with the younger generation making waves.


Steve Kwak - Maryland GovPics [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

A winner at last year's Country Music Awards, Chris Stapleton has an iconic western hat. It features a jade gem and feather plume, something you'd see in Native American styles. He pulls it off effortlessly though, like he practically lives, breaths, and sleeps in the hat.


"Dierks Bentley Hamilton WTH Tour 2017-67 (CC BY-ND 2.0) by trina1972

Dierks is predominantly seen on stage without a hat. He's one of the younger guys who has a killer set of dreads and looks great as is. But when he does sport a hat, he goes for the backward blank canvas snap-back hat.


Dlindner0 [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

If I was a country music star I would want to look like Jason Aldean. This guy is a stud with his stiff cowboy hat and those rolled-up sleeves. He likes to let the ladies know where the gun show is - that's a workout joke, pertaining to muscles if you're new to the internet.


J-smith.17 at the English Wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Speaking of studs, Keith Urban is the king. I think he's only ever worn a hat twice in his life, and just because he was joking around. This guy has such a killer head of hair, why would you bother covering that up. Plus he's an Aussie, so maybe they don't wear hats down there?



Congratulations to this year's ACM Awards winner Thomas Rhett, the newest baby-faced Millennial to hit the scene. He's growing facial hair just to age himself, which provides an appropriately rugged look. He's one of those guys who goes sans hat too, but when he does he wears it spectacularly like this backward baseball hat.

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Country Music Awards Hats

Did you watch the Country Music Awards? How do you feel about western hats? Comment and let us know.

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