History of the Stratoliner Hat & the Boeing 307 Stratoliner

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History of the Stratoliner Hat & the Boeing 307 Stratoliner

The Stetson Stratoliner takes its name from the unique Boeing 307 Stratoliner aircraft and lives up to its namesake with its one-of-a-kind style. Both the aircraft and the hat have garnered their share of attention for similar reasons. They both have a unique shape and have both been considered the epitome of luxury in their respective markets. Today, we’d like to celebrate the rich history of the Stratoliner hat and aircraft with a fun overview of their origins!


The Stratoliner Aircraft


The Boeing 307 Stratoliner first took commercial flight in 1938. The now-defunct but once-thriving Pan-American Airways purchased three Boeing 307 Stratoliner airplanes that quickly began faithfully flying a multitude of routes. A little-known fact about this aircraft is that along with commercial use, the Stratoliner was also utilized by the United States military. Multiple Stratoliner planes flew routes to South America and across the Atlantic Ocean as C-75 military transports. (The Aviation History Online Museum)


At the time of its first flight, the Stratoliner was the world’s first and only airliner with a pressurized fuselage. This enabled an altitude of 20,000 feet, which was higher than any of its contemporaries were able to fly! (Boeing) The Boeing 307 Stratoliner was designed with the same engines, tail, and wings as the Boeing B-17C bomber, though it adopted a larger and bulkier appearance for its cabin to allow it to accommodate up to 33 passengers at any given time. (Smithsonian) This aircraft’s unique look and impressive specifications have made it a memorable pioneer of aviation.


The Stratoliner Hat


Much like the Boeing 307 Stratoliner, the Stetson Stratoliner fedora was very ambitious in its own market when it launched in the 1940s. The Stratoliner has an eye-catching construction featuring a 2.5” brim and a pinched crown that is now a classic hallmark of a fedora hat style. What makes the Stratoliner truly one of a kind is its slim and tapered hatband. Affixed to this delicate band is a sleek hatpin in the shape of a Boeing 307 Stratoliner. In this way, this hat pays homage to its origins while also carving out its own place in the fashion world with its unbeatable style.

The popularity of the Stetson Stratoliner has endured through the decades. This fedora hat’s timeless look enables it to look as sleek and modern now as it did when it first launched. The lasting style and versatility of the Stratoliner are part of what has kept it so near and dear to the hearts of hat lovers everywhere. The high-quality fur felt material is exceptionally comfortable and takes exceptionally well to dye. This has enabled the Stratoliner to be produced in a variety of vibrant and rich colors to ensure that there’s a Stratoliner for sale to suit any jet setter’s style needs!


Celebrate the Stratoliner!


Here at Fashionable Hats, we’re fans of all things retro. Of all the classic styles ranging from trilby hats to fedoras, we especially love the Stetson Stratoliner. Its traditional style is hard to beat, and its versatility makes it perfect for any man or woman with a dapper dress sense! The simplistic design of the Stratoliner manages to capture the excitement that was present in the early days of flight when the innovative Boeing 307 Stratoliner was in its heyday. Looking to enhance your wardrobe with that same adventurous spirit? Check out our fantastic selection of colors available and find your very own Stratoliner for sale today!

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