How to Buy Hats Online

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Hats, especially stylish fitted hats, are becoming more and more popular today. Yet many people don't know where to or how to buy hats online. They have questions like how do you know what size hat to buy and how do you know which type suits you best?

Luckily, buying a hat is easier than you think. Finding your size is also a simple task that takes just two minutes.

One thing is for certain, once you learn how to buy a hat online, you won't be disappointed by the process or the results!

How to Buy a Hat Online

Buying a hat online requires finding your size and style.

To buy a hat online, first get your hat size, then visit one of the many stores that currently sell hats. Be sure to shop hat stores. They specialize in selling designer hats of high quality and style. These stores really know and understand hats. They buy them from real hat makers and they are made with higher quality materials than those you might find at a large online retailer.

Our store offers a larger selection of hand-picked fedoras, boaters, derby hats, flat caps and more from all over the world. We sell mens and womens hats. They come from the best hat makers around and all are made with the highest quality materials.

In the end, you will be much more satisfied with your new hat because a quality, well-made hat just looks better and fits better. It also lasts longer. Some cheap hats can fray, or age fast because they just aren't made to stand up to the elements. With a quality hat that lasts your style stays fresher longer, and you'll feel better about your purchase.

How to Size Your Hat When Buying Online

Before you buy a hat online you need to know your hat size. Finding a hat size is really easy. All it takes is some string and a ruler. You simply wrap the string around your head, at the brow and back of your head, then mark it with your finger. Take the string off and then measure the distance with a ruler.

After taking the measurement, just convert the inches measurement into hat size. For this use our hat sizing chart. Read our complete guide for hat sizing and get more details.

We are offering a free hat sizer as a promotion. This hat sizer makes finding your size easier- just place it on your head and measure. Contact us for more details!

How to Know What Hat to Choose

Man in a hat
Choose your hat wisely. The lesser known derby or bowler hat can give you a truly fresh and unique style.

Once you have your hat size it is time to shop online for your hat. Start by looking at styles you like and are appealing to you. If you are interested in fedoras, start searching, but do not limit yourself to these types of hats alone.

Remember, some face shapes look better in certain types of hats (see our hat guide for more info). Figure out what your face shape is, and then match it to the proper hat for that shape.

Consider where you will be wearing your hat. Is this for casual wear, or a formal occasion? Hats are designed to be worn in certain situations. For instance, a straw fedora is ideal for warm weather, outdoor events, and casual wear. A felt fedora is better suited for upscale, formal use.

Another use example is the Panama hat. It is the perfect hat for the beach or a tropical vacation. It's lightweight, versatile and highly breathable.

Hats like the derby or bowler, pork pie, and homburg, all have their own unique style and voice. They can be the perfect complement to your look of it is highly unique.

Check the Return Policy

Buying hats online calls for a good return policy. So, always check the returns policies of any hat store to make sure you can return it if not satisfied.

Most hat stores have liberal return policies. They understand that you may not be satisfied with your hat. In most cases, they will accept a return up to 30 days as long as the hat is not worn.

So, once you buy your hat online, simply try it on in the mirror before you remove the tags and make sure it really is the hat you want and love!

Shop Hat Stores with the Best Customer Service

If you are a first-time hat buyer, shop with us. We have real, live customer service representatives standing by to help you choose a hat and place your order. Not all retailers have this. It's like shopping in a real hat store from your living room!

We are always happy to assist you in choosing a hat. Give us a call if you are having any issues with your order. Our service reps are standing by to assist in your order and we allow returns if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

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