How to Select a Hat for Your Hairstyle

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When it's time to purchase a new hat, style preference and facial shape aren't the only points to consider. The length and texture of your hair also play an important role. While this might sound complicated, hairstyles are easy to change, allowing you to wear a variety of fashionable headgear. Here are some simple tips for pairing hats and hairstyles to create a perfect match.

Wear Fancy Fur Hats with Sleek Cuts

Fur hat

Girls with sleek, straight tresses look elegant in furry hats. Whether you prefer a trapper hat, aviator or formal Russian pillbox, they all make great hats for long hairstyles. While posh fur might be too much for a curly mane or short, contemporary cut, it is a nice complement to lengthy, more traditional hairstyles. Long, braided hair is okay to wear with fur hats, too, but be sure to choose a basic braid design.

If chic fur isn't your thing, you can shop for stylish, conservative hats for women's hairstyles instead. A subtle wool or felt fedora looks flattering with the hair worn down to accent your features. On warmer days, try sporting a pork pie hat with your hair swept to the side. This helps add some elegance while keeping the back of your neck cool.

Knit Hats Provide Versatility

Women in a knit

Gals with thick or curly hair need a hat that can handle the volume. Knit hats for curly hair are a smart choice because they stretch easily to accommodate big hairstyles. A loose-fitting hat gives your hair room to breathe so locks don't look flattened or straightened when you take it off. Another benefit of knit hats is they prevent your head from perspiring too much when outdoors.

Satin-lined hats are one of the easiest ways to look stylish without ruining your hairdo. A satin or silk lining creates a protective barrier around curls, so hair holds its shape in warm or frigid weather. Many different hat styles are available with a satin lining including cloches, berets and fedoras. Whatever type you choose, you'll never have to worry about having hat hair when you remove your cap.

Feminine Hats for Short Bobs and Pixie Cuts

Short bob

Choosing the right hats for short hairstyles is essential. You want a hat that protects your hair and skin while still showing off your confident, feminine style. In warmer weather, a floppy, wide-brimmed hat blocks excess sunlight and looks good with casual or formal clothing.

For winter, a knit beanie cap is a must to stay warm. Be sure to choose a color that won't overpower your hair color or skin tone. Whatever the season, don't cover your entire head of hair. Let some of your bangs or curly locks show to avoid an overly boyish look.

At formal or dressy events, a cloche hat works well for ladies with short hair. While they are a classic choice, don't let their age fool you. These hats for trendy hairstyles are flattering on every short style from a close crop cut to a bob haircut with side bangs.

Stylish Hats for Me's Hairstyles

Man in bowler

Finding the perfect hat for a hairstyle isn't just for women. Although guys with short hair can wear almost any type of hat, those with longer locks face more of a challenge. Two smart choices for these men are the homburg and fedora. These hats have a traditional, masculine feel while still allowing you to show off your hair. To recreate the Johnny Depp look, the hat should be worn slightly tilted to the side.

For guys with long hair or a beard, a bowler hat is a perfect choice. This British-style hat is ideal for wearing to the office but has a less formal look than a traditional fedora or homburg. While the hat helps balance out long hair, beards should be well maintained to avoid an overly casual look. Both Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law made the bowler hat famous again in the movie Sherlock Homes.

Overall, when choosing the right hats for hairstyles, your options are not as limited as you think. The right cut or style can alter the shape of any face. Bangs are ideal for shortening a long face while the layered look helps slim down a rounder face. Even square-shaped faces can be softened by adding a little curl or wave to your hair.

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