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The music festival hat is a must-have summer item. With the Coachella Music Festival this week, we're wondering what makes a good music festival hat. Outdoor music festivals, in general, are always a pain as they're held in the summer, outdoors, and always hot. Luckily most of the headliner shows are at night, so you can sleep all day in your tent if you have to. But if you venture out during the day to hear some catchy tunes, how do you go around looking presentable while still beating the heat? We've got you covered with our go-to guide for music festivals right here.

The answer, in general, is the straw fedora. Women have lots of options when it comes to headwear at Coachella. They can look amazing in a fedora too, or lots of them prefer to wear big-floppy hats or a simple string of flowers. But what should a man wear without looking like a hippy?


The Electric by Carlos Santana screams music festival hat. Santana has a bunch of hats that are super trendy and cutting edge, they'd look perfect at any concert. They're great for band members or fans alike. So if you want something with a little pizzazz and a pop of color, this Electric hat is the way to go.


This Stetson Aviator is a dream come true on a sweltering day. Nothing comes close to battling heat and keeping your cool than this fedora. The straw is light while the enormous gaps in the crown will blast breeze through your scalp. And the humongous brim will cast the largest shadow you've ever seen. This hat is a near perfect concert choice.


If big 'ole fedoras aren't your thing, then the next best option is a trilby. This Jeanne Simmons straw trilby is a great and fashionable choice with its dark tan color. The trilby won't have as wide of a brim as a fedora or other hats, but what it lacks in functionality, it makes up for by looking good. You need to be a handsome dude to pull off a trilby, but if you're heading to Coachella, you probably are.


This Dobbs Rosebud is one of our favorites for a few reasons. First, it's a genre-bending hat. Lots of hip-hop artists and rappers are getting in on the fedora game, and this style of Dobbs hat fits the mold. It's perfectly acceptable at an outdoor rock concert too, as the white straw is preferable when fighting the sun. Any darker colored hats are too silly to be worn under the blazing sun. Trust us.


While our preferred choice is a straw fedora, if you're going against the grain, and want maximum comfort, we recommend a safari hat. There are a million practical reasons for safari hats, manly their rugged structure and ability to battle different elements like rain. The cotton on safari hats does an excellent job of mopping up sweat too. Not to mention this Stetson has a generous mesh crown, practically making the hat feel weightless.


What's your favorite music festival hat? How do you fight the sun and look cool at the same time?

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