Why You Need a Wool Hat-and When to Wear It

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The wool hat is a classic. Consider it an old standard, ranking up there in fashion history with the dapper suit and the wing-tipped shoe. If you aren't already in possession of a wool hat for men, it's time to make that investment- if only for your wardrobe's benefit. You never know, either, when the moment to break out your woolly hat might arise. There are plenty of reasons to wear a stylish wool hat, not the least of which is obvious: It keeps you warm on a cold day. When does the wool men's hat make its appearance in your life? Consider these occasions.

Killer Winter Days

You don't leave the house on a cold, windy day without your coat and scarf. Why miss out on completing the look? After all, you lose considerable body heat when your head is exposed to the elements. Then you're left pulling your shoulders up to your ears in a sad attempt to achieve some warmth. Who needs that? Wool hats for men are designed to address that problem. Whether it's snowing heavily or simply chilly, a hat made of wool makes it just a little bit easier to face winter weather.

Man in a winter hat

You have choices, of course. A fedora crafted of pure Australian wool is practically the gold standard-the Aussies are responsible for producing the most premium wool in the world. Other wool felt hats capture a sort of vintage look that feels appropriate on those days when you're so cold, you just have to duck your head and get on with it.

There's something a bit old-school about wearing a no-fuss wool hat on a winter day-and sometimes that's the best way to style a look that conveys you know exactly how to handle those sub-zero temperatures.

Casual Errand Runs

Have you ever glanced at a man wearing a chic newsboy cap and wondered why you haven't tried one yet? A newsboy cap has old-world charm, yet the newsboy-also known as a flat cap - is also modern in its own right. The woolen flat cap may well be the most versatile, practical, and stylish choice of headwear for daily use. You don't need to limit it to winter, either. It's perfectly suitable to rock in the fall or on a brisk spring day, when you're running around town trying to accomplish everything on your list.

Couple in the sunset

The goal here isn't so much to stand out, but to complete the relaxed, "I'm-stylish-without-trying" look. It's easy to achieve that effect when you have a wool newsboy in your arsenal. It speaks to your ability to pull together a casually refined look, and simply presents a more polished version of you.

Special Occasions

You know you can't just stroll into a party and expect not to turn heads - not when you're wearing a wool hat that suggests you know exactly how to handle dressing up for every special occasion. There are many ways to make this work, and you can easily take your inspiration from well-capped men throughout history. Think Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mockingbird. Warren Beatty in McCabe and Mrs. Miller. The Notorious B.I.G. in a handful of music videos. You get the picture - there's always a special occasion for a wool hat, whether you're a lawyer, a famous rapper, or someone in between.

Maybe it's date night and you want to impress. You can very easily do that by putting on a wool trilby or Homburg hat. It shows you care - you aren't above putting some effort into your look. Maybe you're on your way to a "very important meeting." Not only will you convey the right message when you walk in looking all dressed up, but you'll also leave a lasting impression. And ultimately, isn't that the goal for every occasion in life?

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