How to Style a Men's Fedora Hat

, by Alex Torres, 3 min reading time

So, you bought a men's fedora hat, and now you aren't quite sure how to wear it. No worries there! Knowing how to style a fedora actually comes with time and experimentation. A little inspiration can go a long way with this look, too, as the fedora is deeply rooted in men's fashion history. So how you go about making this look work for you?

A Sense of Presence

Smokng a cigar

Men's hats are very personal accessories. They convey a sense of power and importance. The fedora, in particular, projects such a sense of presence that it's impossible not to look twice at the man wearing such a polished piece. It's a little bohemian and a whole lot classic. It's an enduring piece that earns major points for its versatility.

Have you noticed that men of all ages wear this type of hat and look amazing at every step? You may have even spotted a young boy or two sporting this distinctive topper.

Now that you'e acquainted with just how well a fedora fits into any guy's wardrobe, you can set about working this fashionable men's hat seamlessly into your look. When having a conversation with someone, generally, you talk to them noticing everything from the face and downward. The fedora truly sets the representation is whom you are really talking too. This hat is for the guy that really wants to get noticed and remembered.

Great Versatility

Fedora and Bowtie

If you're headed to a special event- one that requires a suit and tie- a fedora is absolutely the perfect finishing touch. Think of it as the ultimate way to tie up a dressy look with a big fat bow. A fedora is distinguished enough to really set you apart from the crowd; wearing one changes your look in an instant.

But the beauty of the fedora is in its versatility. It's not strictly married to the finer side of your wardrobe. You may recall any number of actors or musicians sporting fedoras while out and about, looking fabulous doing very basic things.

Shirtless Man in Jacket

This style of men's hat wouldn't look out of place if you were running errands or just wandering around town. You could channel a little Matthew McConaughey to take the remainder of your look in the appropriate direction; he's been known to walk around with a slightly unbuttoned shirt, a leather jacket, and a pair of jeans. That fedora just happens to be the perfect finishing touch.

You might even want to wear your fedora on date night, if you're trying to convey just how much style matters to you.

That said, remember that it's in your best interest to remove your hat once you're inside. Equally important is selecting the right size of this inarguably handsome men's hat style. Don't be caught in one that's so large it overwhelms your entire face, nor one that is so tiny it looks cartoonish. Setting the right tone makes all the difference. There are so many styles available- wool in the winter or a men's straw fedora hat for warmer months- that you can easily find just the right one for your needs.

It's Time for a New Fedora. Browse our Selection.

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