Top Straw Hats for National Straw Hat Day

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Top Straw Hats for National Straw Hat Day

Straw hats have many benefits, not only are they natural and sustainable, but they naturally block and absorb harmful UV rays.

Fashionable Hats is based out of Florida, the sunshine state, so we need all the protection we can get. Protecting your skin and looking your best is win-win! 

Watch the Video Below:

Check out this video where our Hat Expert, Liz, breaks down straw hats and picks out her favs for Summer!

Rush Straw 

The first type of straw is called Rush straw. This is first on our list, because they are the most affordable. This style hat is made from a stiff straw called Rush grass and has a thicker weave. It's a great beach hat and offers great sun protection.

This hat is the Shorebreak by Makai. These hats have beautiful patterns on the underbrim. 

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shorebreak rush straw hat makai


Palm Straw 

Next we have Palm straw. Palm Straw comes from Guatemalan palm leaves, known for their durable structure. These hats are ideal if you work outdoors or if you live up North, where temperature is lower, but harmful UV rays can still be a concern. Palm straw hats are waterproof and will hold their shape, even if they are rained on.

If you crush the hats, they can easily return to their original shape by adding water. You don't need to steam the hats. If you get them dirty, you can easily wash them with just soap and water.

This hat is called the Explorer by Sunbody.

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explorer sunbody palm straw hat




Our third hat made here is Seagrass.

Just like the name, this hat is made from actual seagrass from the ocean floor.

Seagrass has a stiff composition, so these hats are quite durable. 

Usually they are loosely woven making them breathable, they absorbs moisture, making it perfect for outdoor activities.

This hat is called The Terrace by Stetson.

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terrace stetson seagrass straw hat





Raffia Straw

Our next hat is made from Raffia straw.

These are made from Raffia palm trees and produced from the membrane on the underside of the leaf fronds.

Raffia is extremely durable and flexible. These are a good choice for traveling, because you can easily pack them in your bag and they will easily bounce back to their original shape. These are great sun hats for the beach or they can be worn just about anywhere. 

As you can see, it has a more natural coloration, which is great for pairing with neutral palette accessories and clothing. 

This hat is the Castaway by Walrus.

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cast away walrus raffia straw hat



Milan Straw

Number five on our list  is called Milan straw, just like the city in Italy.

Milan is pretty easy to identify.

Its name comes from the weave and not the straw. The weave is easy to identify because it is braided or woven in different angles.

These hats tend to be a bit heavier than other straw hats, but they are very strong and sturdy.

Milan hats are classic summer vibe to them and are perfect for a semi-formal look.

This hat is the Rosebud by Dobbs, available in 7 color options.

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rosebud dobbs milan straw hat




Hemp Straw 

Hemp is next on the list. Originating from Manila, hemp is a light material and resilient to most conditions.

The porous weave of the fiber makes it breathable and antimicrobial, so it won’t hold mold or odors, making it another top choice for a summer hat.

This hat is the Inwood by Stetson.

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inwood stetson hemp straw hat


Sisal Straw 

Next is a more unique straw called Sisal.

Coming from the Agave plant, sisal is a strong, durable fiber and is mainly used in the production of ropes. Even with the strong fiber, you will find this hat light and airy.

This hat is the Summertime Stroll by Dobbs.

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summertime stroll dobbs straw sisal fedora


Panama Straw 

Last, but certainly not least, is our Panama straw hat.

Coming from the toquilla plant in South America, it is actually handwoven in Ecuador and not Panama.

Panama straw is tightly woven and is a great repellant for sunlight and water. 

The finer the weave, the longer it takes to weave, and the more expensive they will be.

Panama straw hat create a very classy, elegant look when wearing one.

This hat is the Parson Hat by Bailey

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parson bailey panama straw hat



Bonus Hats


These next two hats on our list are BONUS hats. They’re not made from 100% straw, but they are almost identical to the natural straw material of the other hats we went over.


Toyo Straw 

Our first bonus hat is a Toyo straw hat.

These hats stem from Japan, and they are made from rice paper yarns. 

Toyo hats are light, smooth, and soft when you touch them.

Once the hats are made, there is a shine to the fibers, giving them that extra flare.

This hat is the Joey by Country Gentleman.

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joey country gentleman toyo straw hat




Shantung Straw 

Our last bonus hat is made from Shantung straw.

Known for its durability and similar looks to panama straw, shantung is one of the more popular types of hats sold in the marketplace, because it is more affordable.

Shantung is processed by pressing the natural, straw material into a woven sheet. Shantung straw is incredibly comfortable and flexible. Also, it’s one of the few straw hats that is actually water-resistant.

Shantung is lightweight, but it's also highly resilient, so it can take on many different hat shapes. Traditionally, it is dyed a light ivory shade that has become a staple of both spring and summer hat fashion.

This hat is the Arlow by Dobbs.

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arlow dobbs shantung straw hat



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