Women's Winter Hats Fit for Every Cold City

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The standard women's winter hat is generally treated more as a functional item than anything else. But there's so much more to this must-have accessory than the fact that it protects your head from the worries of winter. There's something to be said for a winter hat for women that is as stylish as it is practical. Keep reading to learn about some of the most stylish - and practical - choices.

Cute in a Cloche


Nothing speaks to a woman's fondness for serious style quite like a charming cloche. Recalling a time when fashion truly mattered and there was a certain style to daily fashion, cloches capture an old-world aesthetic. They also happen to make any winter outfit look much more sophisticated. Sure, if you live in a place like the Windy City, you can go with a fuzzy ski hat to keep you warm, but you lose style points there.

A cloche, though, propels your look into the realm of fashion, while handling the extreme weather conditions perfectly. You can go for a slightly wider brim if you're concerned about coverage. A cloche made of wool will keep your head warm on those crazy brisk days and look chic at the same time.

The Fabulous Fedora


Have you ever wondered why you just don't see more women's fedora hats? We associate the time-honored topper with the dapper gent, but in truth, the style can truly elevate a woman's wardrobe, too. A fedora crafted of wool or felt is the key to winter warmth. Save the straw hats for warmer weather!

If the snow is falling in New York City, you can count on a wool or felt fedora to do two things: liven up your reputation as a fashionista and perform well functionally. White stuff falling? The brim will protect your face. Punishing winds going a little overboard? As long as the fedora is nestled close to your head, it will stay put and keep you plenty warm.

Beautiful Berets

Blue beret

Bonjour, darling! If you've ever dreamed of making like a Frenchwoman in a stylish beret, your city's unbearably cold temperatures give you the perfect opportunity.

Whether you're dreading a coming Nor'easter in New England or you're about to get slammed with your city's version of heavy snowfall, no doubt you will be cold. The good news is that the beret performs well anywhere, whether it's 5 degrees or a more tolerable 45 degrees.

There's something about a beret that makes anyone look polished. It's the rare women's wool hat that looks amazing year round, but the beret is a sure bet. Even better, it won't destroy your hairstyle; its forgiving fit merely cradles your head to provide sufficient warmth. Is there any possible way this wouldn't be the absolute best winter hat for women?

Trapped in Style

Sometimes you have to go all out in your war against the dreaded winter elements. Fortunately, women's fur trapper hats present you with the right option when the weather goes rogue.

Whether you live in a freezing part of the world during winter or you're traveling to a ski resort, the trapper hat promises to be your best friend through it all. The beauty of this cute women's winter hat is in its immense seasonal practicality. It's designed with ear flaps to protect you from whipping winds. Even better, its plush lining adds a degree of warmth that you probably couldn't have imagined was possible on those desperately cold days.

All it takes is some ingenuity to transform any basic look for your city into one that's perfectly capable of handling winter with grace and style.

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