Biltmore Hats

Biltmore Hats

We are an authorized reseller of Biltmore Hats which guarantees you a 100% genuine & authentic product that includes the manufacturer's warranty.

The Biltmore hat brand has been in business over 98 years, and through it all has been a cornerstone of quality and excellence. They pride themselves on sourcing only the best material from all over the world. To the best felts of wild hare, rabbit, and beaver from Europe to the finest straws and braids for Panama hats, it equals that rich soft texture their hats are famed for.

Just hold a Biltmore hat and you can sense the years of quality and passion built into every detail, from the crease to the curves, the feathers to the brim, and everything in between. If you're in love with the hat, it's probably a Biltmore.


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