Callanan Hats

A delicate embellishment, a swirling pattern, a ruffled-edge, sometimes a decidedly feminine hat proffers the perfect accent to a woman's ensemble. It lends a dainty flourish to a tailored look, an aura of elegance to an otherwise mundane outfit. Yet the beauty of such hats is not merely in its stylish presentation. Perhaps superseding fashion, the real worth of a fabulous hat may well be in its emotional impact on the wearer. In short, a fabulous hat makes a woman feel beautiful.

Yesteryear Elan

Reminiscent of 1920s elegance, a cloche hat, with its signature snug fit, is a vintage style with contemporary appeal. It's a return to the glamour of Old Hollywood, to a time when well-dressed ladies never stepped out without a hat. Paired with an equally sleek dress or fitted suit, a design like Callanan's wool felt cloche hat, with its satin bow, rhinestone brooch and ruffled edge, strikes an incomparably elegant look.

Coquettish Charm

Offering superlative possibilities, a wide-brim hat deserves a place in every woman's millinery wardrobe. It's the effortless blend of sexiness and innocence that suffuses this hat with charm. Shielding her eyes from view while casting flattering shadows about the silhouette of her face, a seductive hat such as the Callanan Pearl Crocheted Raffia Big Brim Hat with its glorious swirling pattern on the brim and lightweight straw design becomes a wonderful flirtation device.

Playful Style

When neither the elan of a cloche nor the coquettish charm of a wide-brim hat is in order, consider the casual but polished style of an embellished cap. Sporting a bill much in keeping with a baseball cap, coupled with the dainty detail of a sparkly flower, the Callanan wool felt jockey hat is the type that becomes an upscale accompaniment to dark-toned skinny jeans and, perhaps, a leather jacket. It's playfulness with unmitigated style.

Whether the hat is intended to convey the prestige of classic glamour, the flirty fun of a coquettish moment or the stylish playfulness of a fancy take on an old standby, a feminine hat is always a fashion asset.


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