Sun Hats for Men

You'll look and feel better during any outdoor activity when you wear one of these mens sun hats. Great for the beach, the pool, a day on the golf course or on the water fishing. Shade yourself from the sun with a highly breathable hat that keeps you cooler and more comfortable all-day long.

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Designed to be stylish and functional these designer sun hats keep you looking your best even when the temperature rises, as it inevitably does.

They are also a smart buy. Crafted from top-quality materials like raffia, toyo and other natural straws, or lightweight cotton and cloth, they last longer than cheap versions you may find at the giant online stores. That means you can keep wearing your sunhat and look great for seasons to come.

They are perfect for all your favorite things to do like golf, or beach-going. Check out the ultra functional outback soaker golf hat. With mesh sidewalls this really keeps your head cool so you can focus on your game even on the hottest days. Heading out on the town? We have straw fedoras to complement a lightweight summertime suit. There's nothing more stylish than that! For something more rugged, the leather outback hat is an excellent choice.

Whatever you want to do this summer we have a mens sun hat to protect your from the suns rays and keep you cool.

How to Choose a Sun Hat

Choose your sun hat based on what activity you will be doing and the length of time you'll be out in the sun. Remember, not all sun hats offer the same amount of protection from the sun, and not all activities require the same sun protection.

If you plan to do some gardening, lounging poolside or at the beach you may be sitting in the sun for hours sometimes directly in the sun's rays, without moving a great deal. That means you need maximum protection. One of our wide brim straw sun hats is ideal. The wider brim gives you more shade and they are breathable for ample circulation.

For more active pursuits like golf, fishing and hiking choose something lighter with a smaller brim to enable more motion. Just make sure it has a substantial enough brim to provide the sun protection and shade you require. For vigorous activity a hat that will circulate more air is a wiser choice to keep you cooler. We have straw fedoras and safari hats ideal for this purpose. Cotton hats featuring built-in vents like the Outback Soaker Golf Hat, an excellent choice for golfers.

Going out on the town or walking the boardwalk? If you are going to be outside for a short time and want to look nice, a Panama hat is really the best choice. Made of soft, supple straws they breath well but have an exciting, unique style that complements everything from jeans shorts to a suit.


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