Vintage Hats

Speaking of history, you don't have to have old-fashioned style to wear a vintage hat. In fact, there's something about this accessory that makes you look modern no matter what you're wearing. Even celebrities are making the most out of the chic adornment. It makes no difference whether they use it to solidify their style or hide bedhead. Everyone looks great in vintage hats.

What Defines Vintage Hats?

Although a true vintage hat was made between 20 and 100 years ago, it's not always easy to find one of these accessories in mint condition. Over time, hats become misshapen and worn. If they weren't properly cleaned, cared for or stored, old hats might not make it to modern times.

Luckily, you can find vintage hats for sale that mimic the look of classic accessories from previous decades but carry the comfort, durability and crispness of a new article of clothing. Buying a new vintage-style hat can prevent you from taking on the project of revitalizing an old head piece that has seen better days. Dobbs hats and Stetson hats are two brands of classic hats with vintage appeal.

Types of Vintage Hats

You can find these items in all sorts of sizes, shapes and colors. Most hat styles come from a particular bygone era. Even the types worn by modern fashionistas and practical individuals who are trying to keep their heads warm may be inspired by a past decade.

Victorian Hats

In the Victorian era, bowler hats were popular for men. The bowler was associated with London businessmen. It was even part of the official uniform of the city in the 1950s and 1960s. Charlie Chaplin, Batman's Riddler and Laurel and Hardy made the bowler famous in Hollywood. Nowadays, it's often worn as a style statement by eccentric dressers and people with a rebellious streak in their style. If the bowler doesn't complement your round face, you can also take your Victorian look to the next level with a stately top hat.

1920s Hats

The 1920s marked the upsurge of the fedora, take a look at our classic 1920s hats today. Although the hat was first worn by Sarah Bernhardt in a theatrical production in the late 1800s, it dominated the flapper era. Both mens hats and womens hats come in this style, which is delineated by a pinched crown, medium brim and wide ribbon around the base. You're not limited to wool or felt when you wear a fedora. The shape has been modernized in a variety of materials, including straw, denim, fur, flannel and hemp.

Cloche hats were often perched on women's heads during this decade. These feminine accessories had a deep, rounded crown and set off the curly bob perfectly. The cloche features a diminished brim. Therefore, it's more of a fashion statement than a garden hat.

1940s Hats

In the 1940s, the war made its mark on the world of hats. Berets were part of a military look but became popular for civilians. Women wore everything from small pillbox hats to large-brimmed straw hats. Sailor hats and skimmers were popular for both genders. What truly marked this era of hat-making were the bold colors and unexpected adornments.

Men wore Panama, pork pie and trilby hats made of straw in the summer and thicker materials in the winter. Bucket hats were becoming more popular, and sporting hats were hitting the market. Golf hats and hunting caps were valuable for keeping the head warm during outdoor sports.

As the years went on, people adopted hat styles from earlier periods and added their own flair. The vintage hat has evolved into something that's unique and modern even though it has its roots in antiquity.

How To Wear a Vintage Hat

Traditional outfits look perfect with retro hats. However, mixing and matching fashions from different eras can help you create a unique look that suits your personality. Rock a gambler or outback hat for a rugged feel that takes cowboy up a notch. Throw on a flat, ivy or newsboy cap for an easy way to complete a contemporary ensemble.

One way to approach vintage hat-wearing is to seek out contrasts. Frilly hats look great with low-key clothing. Strong, masculine hats can strengthen a fancy, delicate getup. Even the fanciest hat can be dressed down. Almost any vintage hat takes your level of opulence up a notch even if you're wearing a T-shirt and jeans.


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