Wide Brim Fedora Hats

Complement your style with a more elegant and fashionable accessory, a wide brim fedora hat. The fedora is arguably the world's most versatile hat because it can elevate so many different looks. But there are times when an outfit requires an accessory with a bit more elegance, enter the wide brimmed fedora.


This hat has an enhanced profile with a wide brim that gives it more natural grace and an elevated fashion that's truly unique. It has a hip, chic and high-fashion look that narrow-brimmed counterparts can lack. Pair one with your most elegant outfit and you'll see a distinguished difference. It will raise your look to a new level.

We carry both womens and mens wide brimmed fedoras in nearly every color, style and material from 100% wool felt to woven straw. We collected an assortment from the best brands in the world like Stetson, Walrus, Scala and Jeanne Simmons in colors ranging from black to white to mauve to natural. They are ideal for summer and winter both elegant and casual attire.

Browse our collection today. We are sure you will find the right hat whatever your plans; a summer evening concert, strolling on the boardwalk or a night out on the town. If an outfit is lacking something but you can't quite figure out what it is, a wide brim hat could be the answer.

Classic styles like the Monterey wide brim fedora from Stetson features a broad color pallet with decorative tassels. It can complement that hip, high-fashion outfit or new dress suit.

The woven straw wide brim fedoras are more than just fashion accessories, wear them outdoors while doing chores or enjoying any activity. Light and breathable, they keep you cool when it is hot and the extra-wide brim gives you more protection from the sun. They are ideal for outdoor activities like golf, gardening, sightseeing, relaxing poolside or hiking your favorite trail.

Whatever your style or desire we have the hat for you. Just look at our selection and if you need help talk to us. Let us help you find what you are looking for.

What Makes a Wide Brim Fedora?

Most fedora brims are anywhere from one-third to one-half the height of the crown, a width that is both functionally and stylishly ideal. This well-balanced hat brim complements nice suits, casual attire and some formal outfits. Yet, the wide brimmed fedora has a brim width typically one half or more the height of the crown and in some cases, even wider than the crown height. These fedoras have a more generous profile and considered slightly more fashionable, dignified and upscale. It is a look that can really complement the right outfit much better than a narrow-brim fedora.

When to Wear a Wide Brimmed Hat

Wide brims don't go with everything but they certainly make a big statement with the right outfit. Wear a wide brim when you want to elevate a casual or dress ensemble to another level. The extra brim width will give your look an aura of elegance and intrigue that you can not get with a typical brim. Ideal for an elegant dinner, or an urban look that could use some extra cool. You can also use the wide brim straw fedora for outdoor activities in the sun.

Types of Wide Brim Fedoras

There are dozens of types of wide brim fedoras out there but the generally fall into one of two categories based on their material, straw and felt. Choose one that matches your chosen activity. For a relaxing day poolside, or during other active events choose straw over felt. The breathability keeps you cool and the material stands up water and the sun. When looking for a stylish accessory, felt is the answer. We offer 100% authentic wool and animal fur felt hats. These dignified and sophisticated fedoras complement your best outfits.

Who Should Wear a Wide Brim Hat?

Wide brim hats are ideal for those who want a bit of extra elegance in a hat. They are also suited for people with more square-shaped faces. Those with a square jawline and prominent cheekbones usually look better with the long brim.


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