Fedora Hats for Women

The fedora may be more commonly thought of as a man's accessory, however many women covet this hat and secretly wish they had more in their own closets. Why? Because fedoras can really make an outfit look spectacular even casual clothes like jeans and a t-shirt look better with a fedora.

That's not news to in-the-know, style conscious women or those who truly know hats. In the 1930's it was worn by both men and women alike, and it was even introduced first as a women's accessory. First featured in a play called Fedora, Princess Fedora Romazov wore the hat on stage.

Since then the fedora experienced both widespread adoption and declines in popularity, including a heyday that lasted into the 1960s and a sharp decline in popularity during the baby boomer generation in the 70s. Mainly thanks to its versatility and its ability to make anything look good, it is coming back in style once again.

Clearly through the years the fedora has been thought to be more of a man's accessory, perhaps due to its sharp, refined but aggressive style. But look around and you'll see many more female celebrities, singers, actresses, and business moguls wearing these fashionable hats today and why not. It's the 21st century women have broken down conventional barriers in nearly every walk of life. Fashion and wardrobes have progressed right along with them. The modern women thinks, "it's my look, why not wear what I want?

There's no time like the present to take back the fedora as a women's hat and accessory. Especially today with so many stylish fedora hats made for stylish women. It's so easy to wear. You can pair the fedora with nearly any women's outfit, from casual jeans or shorts to a formal dress. Add one to your favorite formal attire or throw one on with a pair of your most comfortable jeans for a Saturday at the park. Fedoras are the hat accessory that really need to be in every well-dressed women's wardrobe.

A Stylish Fedora Complements Casual or Dress Womens Outfit

If you don't own one yet shop our stylish womens fedoras to start filling your closet. We feature all kinds of fedoras for women. From genuine felt for high-fashion outfits, to supple straw fedoras perfect for your favorite summer dress. Made with the highest quality materials including 100% Wool felt, grosgrain, and genuine leather sweatbands, each is made in a classic tradition from some of the best and most highly regarded milliners and brands in the business.

The fedora is the perfect way to add glamour and fashion to any one of your favorite outfits. Find one to complement that little black dress or elevate that casual outfit to one that is extraordinary. They can go with anything from a summer skirt, to a designer dress to camo shorts or jeans. These hats just have a way of giving your outfit instant fashion credibility.

Fedora Style Stands the Test of Time

In today's world styles change constantly. Women have to keep an eye on trends. They have to be wary of being overly formal or too casual. The ladies fedora is your best friend for a quick outfit upgrade. Wear it with jeans and shirt outfit to make yourself look chic and fashionable but casual and cool. Or, wear it with the new red dress to elevate your style to absolutely glamourous. Women's fedoras are flexible enough to go with anything. A style that's basically unchanged for decades, it is amazing to think these hats still add a fashionable touch to our modern ensembles. Even the dullest outfit becomes a stunner when its paired with a women's fedora.

That's why more and more of the most style conscious female celebrities are wearing fedoras for women. Rihanna, Jennifer Anniston, Kylie Minogue and Tyra Banks. These stars wear fedoras to give their outfits a touch of sophistication and to separate their wardrobes from traditional womens styles.

Just remember, a fedora is very simply one of the classiest, most fashionable hats available. Whatever your reason for wearing one, whether it is to make a statement, or give your style a bit of an upgrade, it's really all about your taste. This simple but defining accessory is one of the most versatile and intriguing hats for women. The perfect way to complement a look, no matter what style or designer you are wearing.

We shopped the worlds best fedora makers just to bring you an incredible selection of the best women's hats all to make your style and look complete. We carry womens fedoras from Stetson, Walrus, Stacy Adams, Brooklyn hats and many more top brands.

Check out our collection today. We offer a full line of fedoras for women each designed to make you look amazing.


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